ESA Director General Appoints the New Space Advisory Board

Meeting of the New Space Advisory Board (Credit: ESA)

PARIS (ESA PR) — Following ESA’s objective to implement the actions of the Agenda 2025 with a particular focus on commercialisation and ESA’s role and actions in the New Space ecosystem, ESA’s DG appointed in April 2022 the New Space Advisory Board (NAB)It is a senior body of high-level representatives from companies following a New Space approach in the execution of their businessThe NAB has the objective to share lessons learned thus supporting ESA executives in the elaboration of an ESA commercialisation policy and the ESA transformation process to adapt to the New Space needs.

List of the member of NAB:

Benoit DeperAerospaceLab
Luc PiguetClearSpace
Cassi Wellingconstellr
Luca RossettiniD-Orbit
David HenriExotrail
Philippe GautierHemeria
Rafal ModrzewskiIceye
Daniel MetzlerIsar Aerospace
Aleix MégiasOpen Cosmos
Juan Tomas HernaniSatlantis
Theresa CondorSpire
Peter TaubenreutherSTT-SystemTechnik

The common objective aims at advising ESA, based on two pillars:

  • The key characteristics of the New Space ecosystem:
    • A business mix balanced between institutional and commercial customers,
    • A fierce international competition,
    • The necessity to fund substantial developments both by institutional support and private funding
  • The strong belief that ESA is a key actor able to foster the development of the New Space ecosystem in Europe.