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Firefly Scrubs Second Launch of Alpha Booster; Flight Rescheduled for Monday

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 11, 2022
Second Firefly Alpha rocket on the launch pad at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. (Credit: Firefly Aerospace)

by Douglas Messier
Managing Editor

Firefly scrubbed the second launch of its Alpha booster from Vandenberg Space Force Base on Sunday evening.

Firefly aborted the countdown in the final minute due to a drop in helium pressure in Alpha’s second stage. The company attempted to launch at the beginning of a four-hour window that began at 3 pm PDT.

Firefly recycled the vehicle to attempt a launch later in the window. The company subsequently decided to scrub for the day due to a continuing problem with helium pressure.

Firefly has a launch window on Monday that begins at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT/22:00 UTC).

Firefly is hoping the second launch of its Alpha booster is the charm. The launch comes just over a year after an Alpha rocket failed on its maiden flight after a first-stage engine shut down.

Firefly Alpha Launch No. 2 Payloads

TechEdSat-15 (TES-15) CubeSatNASA Ames / San Jose State UniversityTechnology demonstration
TIS SerenityCubeSatTeachers in Space, Inc.Education
PicoBusPocketQubeLibre Space FoundationPocketQube deployer
FOSSASAT-1BPocketQubeFOSSA SystemsTechnology demonstration
GENESIS-LPocketQubeAMSAT-EAAmateur radio
GENESIS-NPocketQubeAMSAT-EAAmateur radio
QUBIK-1PocketQubeLibre Space FoundationTechnology demonstration
QUBIK-2PocketQubeLibre Space FoundationTechnology demonstration
Firefly capsuleCapsuleFirefly Aerospace128 postcards
Source: Wikipedia

Alpha is carrying eight small satellites and a capsule with postcards on a rideshare flight.

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