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OneWeb and HD Hyundai Avikus to Advance Marine Technology by Unlocking the Potential of LEO Connectivity

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 9, 2022

MoU brings together HD Hyundai Avikus’ leading expertise and innovation in the maritime industry with OneWeb’s advanced low Earth orbit satellite technology. Partnership will serve as a long-term initiative to provide HD Hyundai Avikus with strengthened connectivity for their future systems.

HAMBURG, Germany, 8 September 2022 (OneWeb PR) — OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, and HD Hyundai Avikus, a world leader in advanced autonomous ship, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement, signed during a dedicated ceremony at SMM Hamburg 2022, signifies a new partnership to explore opportunities for advanced LEO satellite technology to support the next generation of marine expertise and autonomous shipping.

The partnership will test and review the use of OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency LEO service to provide the necessary connectivity for facilitating and strengthening the operations of Avikus’ innovative systems. OneWeb’s revolutionary technology will advance and future proof remote ship operations through improved latency and bandwidth across oceans, enabling improved data sharing from ship to shore. The companies will work together evaluating the new technology for LEO technology onboard future vessels as well as other solutions for the HD Hyundai Group.

This collaboration has significant and far-reaching potential, unleashing a new sector in maritime autonomous shipping. The advanced technology will enhance connectivity across oceans to modernise the industry, along with its operations and overall safety. This partnership also reflects both companies’ commitment to sustainability, by facilitating the development and implementation of technologies to enable vessels to reduce emissions and support seafarers’ wellbeing so that, ultimately, goods can be more responsibly carried across the oceans. 

Dohyeong Lim, CEO of HD Hyundai Avikus, said: “This partnership is vital to HD Hyundai Avikus’ development of the next generation of marine technology and autonomous shipping. As a shipbuilding group and autonomous ship solution provider, we’re excited to be an early adopter of OneWeb’s advanced LEO connectivity. It is expected that this partnership will bring Avikus’s technology and business scalability to another level. In addition, Avikus’ will serve as a bridgehead for HD Hyundai group’s digital twin, remote sea-trial and even new business development.”

Stephen Beynon, Chief Commercial Officer at OneWeb, commented: “We are hugely excited about this new partnership with Avikus. At OneWeb, we firmly believe in the strength and significance of collaboration, as demonstrated by our global investors and industry relationships, and this MoU is no exception. OneWeb’s advanced LEO service network will provide the connectivity necessary for not only Avikus but also HD Hyundai group to operate their future systems – unlocking huge opportunities for the entire maritime industry.”

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