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World View Collaborates with NASA for Annual TechRise Student Challenge

By David Bullock
Parabolic Arc
August 25, 2022
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Space tourism and remote sensing company selected to provide high-altitude flights for student experiments in esteemed science competition

TUCSON, Ariz. (World View PR) — Stratospheric exploration company World View has been selected by NASA as one of two commercial space flight providers for winners of the agency’s TechRise Student Challenge.  This year’s competition invites student teams from grades six through 12 to design, build, and launch experiments using stratospheric balloons. Student teams submit science and technology experiment proposals for the chance to turn their ideas into reality and launch their technology to the edge of space using World View’s cutting-edge remote sensing technologies and high-altitude capabilities.

“At World View, our mission is to encourage people to rediscover Earth and this partnership is a significant opportunity to help bring new perspectives and inspire deeper understandings of space exploration, technology, and our planet among future scientists, engineers, and explorers,” said Ryan Hartman, Chief Executive Officer of World View. “We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of the NASA TechRise Student Challenge and look forward to seeing all the creative ideas from students.”

The competition aims to foster student interest in the scientific process and challenge teams to demonstrate technologies and explore new empirical questions about Earth’s atmosphere, the environment, and space using advanced data collection tools. The challenge provides an important hands-on opportunity for the next generation of the NASA and space exploration workforce.

A total of 60 student teams will be selected to execute their experiment proposals aboard stratospheric balloon flights. The stratospheric balloon flights will reach altitudes between nine and 19 miles (15-30 kilometers) and vary in flight time.

Administered by Future Engineers, the NASA TechRise Student Challenge offers hands-on insight into the design and test process used by NASA-supported researchers. Teams should submit their experiment ideas by the challenge deadline of Oct. 24, 2022. 

World View’s support of NASA’s TechRise Student Challenge aligns with the company’s commercial division focused on remote sensing that offers customers unrivaled high-resolution imagery of Earth. The World View Stratollite® is a remotely operated stratospheric vehicle that delivers commercial, scientific, and government payloads to the near-space environment with revolutionary new control capabilities. It provides point-to-point navigation over large distances and persistent flight over specific areas of interest – capable of operating at altitudes up to 95,000 ft. (~29 km) for days, weeks and months on end. Stratollite data combines the benefits of geostationary satellites, LEO satellites, and high-altitude drones to offer the ideal mix of resolution, accuracy, and persistent viewing of key targets at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional satellite and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) options. Applications include environmental surveillance and ecological monitoring, communications, infrastructure, and more.

About World View

World View is the leading stratospheric exploration company on a mission to inspire the global community to rediscover Earth. Through both its legacy Stratollite imaging and newly launched space tourism and exploration businesses, World View is working to ensure its ultimate objective: honor the planet so that future generations will feel blessed to call it home. For more information, visit

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