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R3-IoT rebrands as Krucial

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
August 18, 2022
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Krucial co-founders Allan Cannon (L) and Kevin Quillien (R). (Credit: Krucial)

18 August 2022

  • R3-IoT now named Krucial, representing the importance of making digital transformation available for all, no matter location or conditions
  • Launch of flagship product Krucial CONNECT, which connects smart devices anywhere on earth regardless of infrastructure or conditions, already garnering worldwide interest 

GLASGOW, Scotland (Krucial PR) — Satellite-enabled connectivity scale-up R3-IoT has announced a bold, forward-looking full rebrand as Krucial and officially launched its game-changing new flagship product, Krucial CONNECT, to market.

Krucial CONNECT connects IoT devices, such as sensors, to automatically and securely transmit data from assets, infrastructure and buildings even from the most remote, hard-to-reach and off-grid sites.

Automatic switching between satellite communications and cellular technology enables the seamless connection of enterprise systems to IoT devices, helping organizations to remotely manage risks, improve efficiencies and digitize operations across multiple sites and locations.

As well as satellite and telecommunications providers, the product is aimed at organizations and sectors that require resilient connectivity to their data 24/7 – including utilities, rail, energy and emergency services – and those with operations in remote areas lacking in traditional communications infrastructure.

Krucial, which last year received seed funding of $4.3mn and has almost doubled headcount in the last 12 months, has undergone a full rebranding from R3-IoT including name, logo and website. The change represents closer alignment to the company’s core offering, to provide critical access to data intelligence in any location or situation and digitize where and when others cannot.

The announcement of the new brand and Krucial CONNECT is expected to build on successful trials and partnerships undertaken to date and the launch of its aquaculture-specific product in May of this year, Krucial Connected Seafarm. A new Connected Seafarm Trial Package specifically for the aquaculture industry has also been made commercially available.

Krucial Cell (Credit: Krucial)

Allan Cannon, co-founder and CEO of Krucial, said:

“Although business may be global, infrastructure is still not. Digital transformation can unlock significant savings and improve sustainability, but that’s completely dependent on resilient, reliable connectivity. Our work will be critical in ensuring decision-makers have access to their data anytime, anywhere, and the launch of our new brand represents how important that is for businesses and organizations.“As we take our next steps as Krucial, we’re confident of significant growth across international markets in the coming months which will act as the basis for further expansion, innovation and development.”

Krucial, which was founded as R3-IoT in 2018 by Allan Cannon and co-founder and CEO Kevin Quillien, closed a £3.1million ($4.3m) seed investment round in July 2021 led by US-based VC Space Capital, joined by the Scottish National Investment Bank.

Other investors include the University of Strathclyde, alongside North American-based Ryan Johnson, former CEO of BlackBridge, Nathan Kundtz, CEO of, and Loren Padelford, former GM of Revenue at Shopify. Scottish Enterprise also became shareholders and continue to support the company.

About Krucial

Krucial is a cutting-edge satellite-communications scale-up that has developed technology to connect enterprises to mission-critical data from anywhere on earth.We help enterprises mitigate and manage risks, spot trends, and make well-informed decisions. This is the power of up-to-date, reliable data. It’s made possible by a system that uses both satellite and cellular communications protocols to transmit data, automatically switching between the two depending on which is stronger, reducing the risk of downtime if one goes down or a power outage strikes.

Krucial is on a mission to digitize the planet and reliable, resilient connectivity is the key to making that happen.

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