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8 Winners in CNES Pitch Day on Artificial Intelligence Applied to Space Transportation

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 17, 2022
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PARIS (CNES PR) — On Tuesday July 12, 2022, the Pitch Day of the CNES Artificial Intelligence R&D Challenge applied to space transport was held. The objective of this challenge was to imagine innovative concepts and breakthrough technologies for launchers by 2040.

Start-ups, TPI, SMEs, associations, laboratories and large industrial groups were invited to present their innovation proposals to an audience of experts from the space sector, partners, supervisory authorities, industrialists… In total, 700,000 euros in contracts from the CNES were won by the winners, for an amount of up to 100,000 euros, in order to boost innovation activities and develop the space economy.

The 8 winning innovative projects are:

  • Arkane: “CEREBRO-NEXT”
  • Arkane: “AITENNA”
  • CRAT: “ENAI – ENergy and context aware AI-enabled decision support system for optimizing pre and post launch operations”
  • ISAE-SUPAERO: “GENIAL – Modeling of liquid rocket ENgines using CFD and artificIAL intelligence”
  • Octo: “V-IO Visual analysis by drones”
  • Scalian: “Guiding a reusable rocket by Artificial Intelligence”
  • UMPC: “Prognostic tools for predicting the remaining lifetime of components from the AI ​​enhanced statistical analysis of failure precursors”

These projects have shown real added value in terms of flexibility, agility, performance or reduction of recurring costs, without degrading reliability.

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