JAXA & Dentsu Group Start Co-creation of Supply and Demand Business Utilizing Artificial Satellite Data

TOKYO (JAXA PR) — Dentsu Group, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Igarashi, hereafter Dentsu Group) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Headquarters: Chofu City, Tokyo, Chairman: Hiroshi Yamakawa, hereafter JAXA) Under the Innovation Partnership (J-SPARC) (*1), we have started co-creation activities to create demand and optimize supply and demand through the sophistication of advertising by utilizing artificial satellite data.

Artificial satellite data has been used to increase the yield of agricultural products and predict the harvest time in the agricultural field, but there was a problem that the data was lost due to the influence of the weather and it was difficult to analyze. This initiative conducts technical research to solve the problem, and uses that information to adjust the timing of advertising placement according to the sales time of agricultural products and related products, in real time for sales and advertising measures. By reflecting this, we aim to actively create demand and optimize supply and demand. This new use case is expected to further expand the use of satellite data.

In 2020, Dentsu Inc. developed the infrastructure system RICH FLOW (*2) that improves the effectiveness of TV advertising . In this co-creation, we will analyze satellite data with collaborators (*3) to build and improve the accuracy of forecast models for crop shipments, shipping times, and prices, and then use RICH FLOW. We aim to optimize the type and timing of advertising for seasoning products that use the crop as a food ingredient. In this way, we aim not only to improve the advertising effect, but also to reduce the waste loss of seasonal agricultural products and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs target.

Based on the Earth observation satellite utilization technology cultivated so far, JAXA will utilize AI to improve the current issues where satellite data utilization is restricted due to the influence of clouds, etc. in this co-creation. We will work on research on technologies that complement ground data loss (such as shielding by clouds) that may occur during observation. In addition, we will advance the satellite data analysis technology by collating and evaluating the field data and the satellite analysis data with the cooperation of the field.

Through this co-creation activity, JAXA will further expand the use of satellite data and aim for social implementation including fields other than agriculture.

Through “advertising efficiency and sophistication” through co-creation activities of both companies, we will develop new use cases for demand creation using satellite data by new players outside the space field, and improve the efficiency of the fresh food supply chain. We aim to realize a sustainable society (*4).

* 1 JAXA Space Innovation Partnership (J-SPARC)

J-SPARC begins with a dialogue between JAXA and private businesses aiming for space business, and with the commitment of both parties toward commercialization, jointly considers the business concept. This is a program to create new businesses by developing and demonstrating exit-oriented technologies. Started in May 2018, we have been promoting more than 30 projects and activities so far. In business concept co-creation, we carry out activities such as market research and business concept examination, and in business joint demonstration, we carry out activities such as joint feasibility study and joint technology development / demonstration before commercialization.



This is a system developed by Dentsu Inc. that proposes the optimum pattern for improving advertising effectiveness by recombining TV ad space among multiple advertisers. By utilizing AI, identifying the optimal recombination pattern based on the needs of advertisers, and coordinating with compatible broadcasting stations to appropriately recombine ad space, more effective TV spot advertisement placement make it possible.

* 3 Cooperator (analyzer)
Space Shift, Inc. https://spcsft.com/
Fusic Co., Ltd. https://fusic.co.jp/

* 4 This initiative by both companies aims to contribute to the following goals in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

  • 9 Advancement of satellite data utilization technology and advertising, etc.
  • 12 Reduction of food loss, etc.
  • 17 Collaborative work by JAXA, Dentsu Group and collaborators