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Delta 18 Activation and National Space Intelligence Center Establishment

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 25, 2022
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U.S. Space Force Colonel Marqus Randall (right), Space Delta 18 commander, takes Space Delta 18’s guidon for the first time at the activation ceremony for Space Operations Command’s newest Delta, Space Delta 18, and established the National Space Intelligence Center (NSIC) at the Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, June 24, 2022. Space Delta 18 is named in honor of the U.S. Space Force’s role as the 18th member of the intelligence community. Delta 18 will deliver critical intelligence on threat systems, foreign intentions, and activities in the space domain to support national leaders, allies, partners and joint war fighters. (Credit: U.S. Space Force/SrA Jack Gardner)

By 1Lt Rachel Brinegar
Space Operations Command

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio, June 24, 2022 — Today, the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio is the stage for the activation of Delta 18 and the establishment of the National Space Intelligence Center.

Colonel Marqus Randall assumed command of the new Delta, which consists of Space Delta 18 headquarters staff and two squadrons, the 1st Space Analysis Squadron and the 2nd Space Analysis Squadron, which transitioned from under the National Air and Space Intelligence Center to the National Space Intelligence Center under the U.S. Space Force. 

“The establishment of this service intelligence center is a critical step to shape the future of Space Force, improve acquisitions, and drive innovation across the Intelligence Community,” said Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence.

As the 18th member of the intelligence community, Delta 18 supports the U.S. Space Force’s ability to fulfill its service responsibilities providing foundational and science and technology intelligence for the space domain.  Lt. Gen. Stephen N. Whiting, Space Operations Command commander, presided over the ceremony and shared his thoughts on the new Delta. 

“The activation of Space Delta 18 and the establishment of a separate National Space Intelligence Center strengthens our ability to deliver appropriate game-changing foundational intelligence unique to the space domain,” said Whiting, SpOC commander.

Activating Space Delta 18 under SpOC compliments SpOC’s mission to generate, present, and sustain combat-ready intelligence, cyber, space, and combat support forces and underlines a lean and agile force. \”A building is only as strong as its foundation, and we will build this center and propel it forward through the symbiosis of strong values and unmatched space intelligence and expertise critical to the ever increasing importance of space to our nation and its allies and in the face of current and future threats and challenges,” said Randall, Space Delta 18 commander.

After Delta 18 was officially activated Randall stepped into his new position as commander. “Sir, I assume command of Space Delta 18,” Randall said to Whiting.

Delta 18 Mission: Deliver unparalleled technical expertise and game-changing intelligence – empowering national leaders, joint force warfighters, and acquisition professionals to outwit, outreach and win in the space domain. 

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