SpaceFounders, the Factory of Future Space Champions, Announces Recruitment of 2nd Class of 10 Startups

PARIS (CNES PR) — SpaceFounders, the accelerator for European space startups, whose goal is to identify and support future champions to enable them to become industrial leaders and amplify their impact on the structuring of the space sector, announces the winners of its 2nd promotion.

Services using earth observation data for sustainable development are in the spotlight this year. Space is an essential tool to support the agricultural and urban sectors in their necessary transition and to observe and prevent the impact of climate change. Space propulsion is another key theme of this second promotion, demonstrating the interest of the market for systems allowing maneuvers in orbit with an ever higher performance/cost ratio. The other topics covered are those of on-board artificial intelligence for autonomous systems in orbit, telecommunications and the Internet of Things by satellite.

This promotion of 10 startups, from France, Germany, Italy and Spain, once again demonstrates SpaceFounders’ ambition to position itself as a structuring player in European newspace.

  • Aiko offers a software suite based on artificial intelligence and intelligent learning, to make satellites and/or space infrastructures more autonomous;
  • Arkadia Space develops and markets engines and propulsion systems based on green propellants;
  • Exovision provides weather data and services to businesses to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time;
  • GreenerWave is industrializing radio-frequency technology, revolutionizing satellite telecommunications;
  • Ienai Space is revolutionizing electric propulsion in orbit for pico, micro and mini satellites;
  • Kermap gives meaning to satellite images, for the fields of agriculture, urban planning and the climate;
  • Neutron Star System is developing an innovative electric propulsion system that could disrupt the space industry;
  • SpaceSense aims to make the use of Earth observation images and data simple and intuitive;
  • Ternwaves has invented, developed and patented a breakthrough technology for the connectivity of objects whether through terrestrial or satellite networks;
  • WaltR addresses the issues of air quality and pollution emissions through space technology transfer.

These 10 winning companies will meet face-to-face in Toulouse the week of June 13, for the launch of the intensive support program. The work will continue remotely, but will be punctuated by a second week in Munich, Germany during the summer, in order to be ready for the Demo Day organized on September 19 on the sidelines of the IAC 2022 in Paris (International Aeronautical Congress) . This Demo Day is co-organized by institutional players involved in the development of European space, in the forefront of which are CNES, ESA and the European Commission.