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Aphelion Aerospace Completes Rocket Engine Development Test and Continues with Launch Vehicle Design for Suborbital Launch Demonstration

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 25, 2022
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Aphelion Aerospace rocket engine test activities at Frontier Astronautics, April 2022. (Credit: Aphelion Aerospace)

LAKEWOOOD, Colo., April 22, 2022 (Aphelion Aerospace PR) — Aphelion Aerospace is proud to announce reaching a major milestone in developing the company’s commercial launch services with the completion of critical propulsion system testing. The team recently spent two weeks at the company’s test facility in Wyoming integrating a rocket engine and support systems on a ground test stand and conducting a series of hot fire tests. The test activity was conducted with support from Aphelion Aerospace’s propulsion R&D partner, Frontier Astronautics, at their facility near Chugwater, WY.

This ground testing is a critical phase of research and development because Aphelion Aerospace utilizes a proprietary chemical blend that has not been used in the space industry previously. While there has been prior government-funded research in a laboratory, Aphelion is the first company to use it in a flight-scale rocket engine to commercialize the technology. By conducting extensive testing on the ground, the company is maturing the technology to retire technical risks on the path toward qualification of the complete propulsion system, including rocket engines, electric pumps, and engine controllers.

With the successful completion of this phase of research and development, Aphelion is proceeding with maturing the propulsion technology using advanced proprietary materials and additive manufacturing. This work will culminate in fabrication and qualification of low-cost flight-ready rocket engines for the company’s Helios nanosatellite launch vehicle.

Aphelion Aerospace rocket engine test activities at Frontier Astronautics, April 2022. (Credit: Aphelion Aerospace)

The Helios launch system is a low-cost, dedicated nanosatellite launch vehicle designed to provide low-cost, on-demand launch services for commercial and government customers. It utilizes ground-breaking proprietary non-toxic, non-cryogenic, and environmentally friendly “green” propulsion technology that lowers launch costs, increases reliability, and enables rapid response.

In parallel with propulsion system development, Aphelion is continuing with the design of its launch vehicles, subsystems, and ground support in anticipation of a first suborbital launch as early as the end of 2022 and eventual orbital launch in 2024.

Aphelion Aerospace is a space transportation company on a mission to operate a dedicated nanosatellite launch service that allows for both on-demand and regularly scheduled orbital access with unprecedented mission flexibility and low price.

Aphelion Aerospace expresses its gratitude to its private investors and individuals who have already invested in the company on StartEngine.

To learn more about Aphelion Aerospace, please visit their website at and StartEngine campaign page at

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