bluShift Aerospace Announces Receipt of First Launch Contract Payment from MaxIQ

Virginia-based MaxIQ has made their first payment to bluShift Aerospace for suborbital launch services aboard their first full-scale commercial rocket

bluShift Aerospace CEO, Sascha Deri, is with Bjarke Gotfredsen and Judi Sandrock, founders of MaxIQ, (l-r) and receives the initial payment for the company’s first launch contract with MaxIQ. (Image Credit: bluShift Aerospace)

BRUNSWICK, Maine (bluShift Aerospace PR) – On Earth Day 2022 bluShift Aerospace, a Maine-based New Space startup, announced receipt of the first tranche towards its ongoing launch contract with Virginia-based Space STEM educator and space launch broker MaxIQ Space. The receipt constitutes the first tranche of payment for suborbital launch services aboard bluShift’s first full-scale commercial flight, Starless Rogue Beta.

The MaxIQ team has already delivered as many as 80 student payloads to space aboard 4 separate launches. Their partnership with bluShift Aerospace enables MaxIQ Space to secure student payloads on a regular and reliable basis, delivering a full satellite systems engineering project, from idea to launch, within one academic year.

“Until bluShift came along MaxIQ had not been able to secure a reliable launch partner for student-led science payloads,” said Judi Sandrock, co-founder of MaxIQ. “It is very important to be able to secure affordable and timely space launches for student payloads, so that students may further their academic research and help all of humanity understand the dramatic changes taking place here on Earth.”

“It’s fortunate that Judi and Bjarke came to visit us on Earth day,” said Sascha Deri, CEO and founder of bluShift Aerospace. “Today we reaffirm our commitment to showing the world that sustainable aerospace is attainable today. We are incredibly excited to provide MaxIQ with launches that are not only mission-flexible and cost-competitive, but that are powered by non-toxic, near-carbon-neutral fuel.”

Payment was conveyed in a small ceremony, with customers and STEM educators from across the state present. Announcement of receipt of the first tranche from MaxIQ comes just after bluShift exceeded its goal in raising $1.07 million in crowd equity, and prepares for a second test of its full-scale hybrid rocket engine.

About bluShift Aerospace

On January 31, 2021, bluShift Aerospace made history when it launched the first commercial rocket in the world powered by near carbon-neutral, non-toxic fuel from Loring Commerce Centre in Limestone, Maine. Founded in 2014, bluShift has designed a bio-derived rocket fuel and a modular hybrid rocket engine, and is working toward a small rocket that can lift 100-kilogram payloads to low-Earth orbit. This new launch system will dramatically reduce the environmental impact, cost, and wait times compared to current small satellite launch services. By launching rockets to polar orbit from Maine, bluShift plans to create over 150 aerospace jobs in the next five years and bring revenue from the rapidly growing cubesat launch market into the state of Maine. bluShift Aerospace is headquartered at Hangar 6, at Brunswick Landing. For more information, visit their website at

About MaxIQ Space

MaxIQ Space has been established to serve the broader space industry in delivering educational and skills development programs. The primary goal of the MaxIQ team is to inspire future space industry professionals through the practical and impactful delivery of Space STEM programs. All engagements support and promote a digital future, mapped to the identified requirements for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Practically, this requires the use of digital, modular electronics, ensuring that no formal facilities are required….build your satellite at home! The MaxIQ Space founders bring extensive experience in Space STEM education, from Elementary School to PhD, multiple engineering industries, and space industry corporate governance. For more information visit their website at