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Angry Roscosmos Head Rogozin Muses About Dumping ISS on U.S., Europe…Maybe India or China

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 24, 2022
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Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin. (Credit: A. Savin)

Roscosmos General Director Dmitry Rogozin went on rant on Twitter, raging against what he called “Alzheimer’s sanctions” imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, and threatening to the International Space Station on a uncontrolled re-entry over four countries.

His tweets were in Russian, which were translated into English by Twitter. The translation might not be exact, but the message seems pretty clear.


Biden said the new sanctions would affect the Russian space program. OK. It remains to find out the details:

1. Do you want to block our access to radiation-resistant space microelectronics? So you already did it quite officially in 2014.

As you noticed, we, nevertheless, continue to make our own spacecraft. And we will do them by expanding the production of the necessary components and devices at home.

2. Do you want to ban all countries from launching their spacecraft on the most reliable Russian rockets in the world?

This is how you are already doing it and are planning to finally destroy the world market of space competition from January 1, 2023 by imposing sanctions on our launch vehicles. We are aware. This is also not news. We are ready to act here too.

3. Do you want to destroy our cooperation on the ISS?

This is how you already do it by limiting exchanges between our cosmonaut and astronaut training centers. Or do you want to manage the ISS yourself? Maybe President Biden is off topic, so explain to him that the correction of the station’s orbit, its avoidance of dangerous rendezvous with space…

garbage, with which your talented businessmen have polluted the near-Earth orbit, is produced exclusively by the engines of the Russian Progress MS cargo ships. If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an uncontrolled deorbit and fall into the United States or…

Europe? There is also the option of dropping a 500-ton structure to India and China. Do you want to threaten them with such a prospect? The ISS does not fly over Russia, so all the risks are yours. Are you ready for them?

Gentlemen, when planning sanctions, check those who generate them for Alzheimer’s illness . Just in case. To prevent your sanctions from falling on your head. And not only in a figurative sense.

Therefore, for the time being, as a partner, I suggest that you do not behave like an irresponsible gamer, disavow the statement about “Alzheimer’s sanctions”.

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16 responses to “Angry Roscosmos Head Rogozin Muses About Dumping ISS on U.S., Europe…Maybe India or China”

  1. Robert G. Oler says:

    a drunken fool this is the same clown who accussed a US astronaut of drilling a hole in a Russian vehicle. a liar

  2. ThomasLMatula says:

    So it appears that the Russians hate Elon Musk as much as the environmentalists, astronomers and Old Space supporters.

    • duheagle says:

      Of course they do. And they have at least as many reasons to do so as our own sad sack legacy aerospace contractors. The environmentalists and astronomers have far fewer reasons, but, being almost uniformly a bunch of entitled, self-important whiners, they don’t need many.

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