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Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc. Wins NRO SAR Study Contract

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 24, 2022
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Airbus U.S. Space & Defense PR) – The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Commercial Systems Program Office (CSPO) has partnered with Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc to evaluate Airbus’ market leading Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and its potential to support U.S national security and defense missions.

Through this partnership, Airbus U.S. will provide the NRO with sample SAR data based on the future NeoSAR constellation in addition to modelling and simulation, demonstrations, and mission use case validation.

“Airbus is a global leader of commercial SAR innovation and we look forward to mutual exchanges with the NRO and US IC/DoD mission partners, with shared knowledge and experiences,” said Airbus U.S. Space & Defense CEO, Rob Geckle.

Airbus U.S. is proud to partner with the NRO on this important first step of bringing our world-class SAR data to the US warfighter through the NRO’s SAR commercial layer effort.

About Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc.

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