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Roscosmos and Skolkovo Announce Industry Accelerator for Digital Technologies Winners

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
December 15, 2021
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MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — As part of the Demo Day, experts from the Roscosmos State Corporation and the Skolkovo Foundation (VEB.RF Group) announced the winners of the first industry digital accelerator. For the purpose of implementing measures and key milestones of the Digital Transformation Strategy of the State Corporation Roscosmos for the period up to 2025 and the prospect until 2030, the Industry Accelerator on digital technologies was held in cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation.

More than 200 applications from startups from all over Russia were submitted to participate in the competition. Within the framework of the correspondence examination, 143 projects were selected, of which 68 projects were admitted to the stage of in-person presentations. 12 projects entered the acceleration program, which proposed the most interesting technological developments aimed at implementing the digital transformation strategy of the Roscosmos State Corporation.

Finalists of the program and participants of the Demo Day were:

  • LLC “EMPLAY” is a complex decision support and recruiting automation system. The first company to combine the expertise of recruiting candidates for IT companies and the development of its own digital platform for recruiting automation;
  • INFOMATIX LLC is a robotic system for managing the information space of passengers in manned and unmanned public transport by generating targeted content in real time;
  • LLC “COMPOSITE VISION” – AI solutions for the production of large-sized composite products for aviation and space. With the help of computer vision and machine learning, we reduce the time for the production and quality control of composite products;
  • Menisov Artem – a modeling complex that allows evaluating the tactical and technical parameters of existing satellite systems and determining the requirements for advanced space vehicles and substantiating rational options for building space systems and facilities;
  • NITROSDATE RUS LLC – NitrosBase SQL is a Russian high-performance universal DBMS capable of becoming a modern leading IT solution. NitrosBase – a full-fledged replacement for traditional SQL servers, with a multiple increase in performance;
  • LLC “SIGMALAB” – BIPULSE – project management and decision support system;
  • LLC “NEUROSCANER” – a patented device for satellite recognition and data transmission, which allows performing calculations in space using machine learning methods and transmitting only the processed signal to the Earth;
  • LLC “Tensor Lab” – the space route will prevent collisions in orbit by laying a safe orbit using machine learning methods;
  • LLC “COSMOLAB” – a digital twin (CD) of launch and separation systems for small spacecraft to reduce the cost in the transition to serial production and reduce the design time of modifications;
  • LLC “AV SOFT” – LOKI is capable of imitating any device in an organization (server, camera, telephone, stan, etc.) and luring cyberattacks to itself, protecting real services;
  • COLLOVEAR LLC is the only low-code BPMS in the world market with an innovative architecture based on ontologies and a semantic data model, as well as functionality for modeling and regulating business processes and process architecture (Enterprise Architecture).
  • CHISTAYA ENERGIYA LLC – BimAR system – digital assembly marking, interactive assembly diagram, preliminary executive survey, production, storage and transportation control.

Konstantin Shadrin, Director of the Digital Development Department, Roscosmos State Corporation “The first industry accelerator in the development of end-to-end digital and information technologies, carried out as part of the implementation of the unified digital strategy of the Roscosmos State Corporation, has shown good results both in terms of the quality of the selected projects and the potential for further application in the industry, and in terms of high interest from our organizations and startups in further interaction. We received over 200 applications in all 5 areas of strategy implementation: digital management system, digitalization of production and product lifecycle, digital data management system, digital corporate culture, digital products and services. For all applications, a thorough examination was carried out with the active participation of industry organizations, including in a short time more than 60 project presentations took place. The most mature projects, in which our organizations confirmed their interest, went through the acceleration program and successfully presented their solutions during the demo day. At the next step, all projects will be asked to work out in detail and implement pilot projects.”

Ilya Vorobyov, Director for Acceleration in the Field of Industrial Technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Cluster: “For us, interaction with the Roscosmos State Corporation is already becoming a tradition; only one of the tracks was “Solutions for the digitalization of the industry”, where we saw a high interest from the enterprises belonging to the NPO Energomash circuit. Now we have held the first targeted IT accelerator with the Roscosmos State Corporation (RK-Tsifra) aimed at the digital transformation of the industry, we saw a high interest from both startups and a high interest from the corporation’s enterprises, we have selected more than ten promising projects, we hope that most of the solutions will be successfully implemented and will show high efficiency after implementation. We hope not to slow down the pace of interaction with the Roscosmos State Corporation and continue to search for and implement new technological solutions in the next 2022.”

Currently, the Government of the Russian Federation is transforming the system of development institutions, providing for their integration into the management perimeter of VEB.RF. On the basis of VEB.RF, a centralized investment block is being created for the implementation of projects that contribute to the achievement of national development goals. The priority of VEB.RF Group is the consolidation of public and private investment resources for the breakthrough development of the country, improving the quality and creating comfortable living conditions for people.

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