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Blue Origin New Shepard NS-19 Flight Video Recap

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
December 13, 2021
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Video Caption: Join us in recalling the awe-inspiring journey the crew of #NS19 “The Original Six” experienced on December 11, 2021.

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  1. Robert G. Oler says:

    that angry astronaut is angry

    he is correct about one thing. Bezos is winning the PR world.

    • duheagle says:

      The Angry Astronaut is always angry – that’s his schtick. I’m not sure I share his notion that Bezos has fatally slimed the public image of commercial manned spaceflight by choosing to be present for NS-19 and not at the place his employees died in a tornado. I think all the turds being flung about that are targeted at Bezos and not commercial human spaceflight.

      Anent the PR issue, it certainly helps that Bezos owns both a major newspaper with national reach and a video streaming service. The latter is something to which more than a few people, even at mainstream media outlets Bezos doesn’t own outright, probably have future ambitions of pitching projects. So laying on generous coverage is likely, to a considerable degree, a way for such folks to bank a little goodwill with Jeff B. at no real cost to themselves or their current employers. It also doesn’t hurt that Amazon buys a lot of ads on MSM outlets.

      That said, it is even more helpful that Bezos doesn’t really have any effective competition, as yet, for press attention anent manned spaceflight. Virgin Galactic is in an extended downtime mode. Space tourists who fly Soyuz don’t attract much attention in U.S. media, especially if they aren’t U.S. citizens. SpaceX got some attention for Inspiration4, but rather less than would have been the case if either Tesla or SpaceX advertised on MSM outlets. The same will likely prove true of the upcoming Axiom missions. So long as Blue is flying New Shepard reasonably frequently, and no one else is doing so, it can be expected to substantially monopolize mindshare in the general public anent manned spaceflight. It seems likely this will continue until Starship begins manned spaceflight operations.

      • Robert G. Oler says:

        I think I agree with most of that but who knows if you are right or wrong or if what I am about to is right or wrong. its PR

        I have a real good friend who is a senior producer at CNN Atlanta…we have known each other since college. he is a space guy but mostly uncrewed stuff, loves experimental airplanes, flew A10’s etc. his wife is a senior planetary person at GT.

        I asked him why I4 did not get much more media and his reply was “it was a going to the supermarket story” rich folks go somewhere who cares. unless there is something unique about who it is and then its on the celebrity page

        as he put it “what is done in space is about as interesting as what my wife does in her lab” and far less consequential.. as he put it “if Musk went to space it would be a story because of Musk, not of space”

        I think thats pretty accurate I dont think that most people on earth and in the US and Europe give a rat rear about people going to space anymore because what they do up there means almost nothing. as he puts it the “moon story” will be the black guy and woman…and then it dies, except for the cost

        I think most of the nation feels that way. all of Bezos people so far have a story (at least the ones that get some PR) …thats it. most of Branson’s folks you have never heard of and the I4 crew…boring

        it is what is is

        • duheagle says:

          There’s not much question that one famous person going into weightless space for three minutes will draw a lot more attention by the viewership- and click-hungry MSM than will four non-famous people going into weightless space for three days. It seems Bezos can garner lots of free attention on an ongoing basis by simply inviting someone already famous to ride the Schwantzrocket each time it flies. Bezos, himself, was that person on the first flight, Shatner on the second and Michael Strahan on the third. I wonder who it will be on the fourth?

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