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0-G Launch and Exos Aerospace Sign Air-Launch Services Agreement

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 7, 2021
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Exos Aerospace and 0-G Launch to pursue commercial air-launch

GREENVILLE, TX, USA, September 7, 2021 (Exos Aerpspace PR) — As part of a strategic collaboration to meet the fast-growing demand for responsive and economical access to low-Earth-orbit (LEO), 0-G Launch and Exos Aerospace agree to use the innovative Space Jet ™ as a commercial air-launch platform for small orbital rocket deliveries targeting initial launches in Q4 2023.

Exos Aerospace, a U.S. leading developer and operator of reusable Space vehicles, and 0-G Launch, an innovative provider of multi-vehicle air-launch platforms and high-precision microgravity services, today announced that they have signed an agreement for a series of air-launch missions aboard the Space Jet ™ to begin at the end of 2023.

As part of this agreement, Exos Aerospace will book, manage and deploy its customer payloads using their Jaguar rocket systems for delivery of small spacecraft to LEO. This agreement allows Exos Aerospace to offer its customers a next-generation economical and reliable orbital transport system for dedicated missions using the flexibility of the spaceport-independent Space Jet™ air-launch aircraft from up to 40 thousand feet altitude -above any major weather conditions, and over the oceans.

“Our partnership with 0-G launch is an exciting step for Exos Aerospace that will enable us to provide our small satellite customers and the space community at large with game-changing operational reliability, coupled with cost-effective air-launch services not only domestically but also in international markets,” said John Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Exos Aerospace.

“0-G Launch is extremely proud to have been selected as a commercial air-launch platform provider and operator for a series of important rocket launch missions for Exos, with our specially-modified Space Jet™, said Robert Feierbach, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 0-G Launch. “Our innovative and flexible Space Jet™ will accelerate and enable a new level of reliability and less costly access to orbit from normal airport runways, further accelerating the development of our fast-growing Space economy. We look forward to a series of many successful orbital delivery missions with our partner Exos Aerospace.”

About Exos Aerospace

Exos Aerospace is a Greenville, Texas-based company that designs rocket launch vehicles and subsystems to provide on-orbit access for small satellite operators. EXOS was born out of former Mesquite-based commercial space flight startup Armadillo Aerospace, which was launched in 2000. The company found early success in Northrop Grumman’s Lunar Lander Challenge and has developed a complete line of economical rocket-powered vehicles designed for reusability.

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About 0-G Launch

0-G Launch is a Washington DC-based company that operates the Space Jet™ airborne launch vehicle platforms using specially-modified aircraft technologies to provide high-precision microgravity and cost-effective air-launch capabilities to the fast-growing Space industry. Among its services, it will provide microgravity parabolic flights for equipment R&D and testing, astronaut training and consumer flights globally, as well as testing & air-launch services for rocket and hypersonic vehicle developers at one of the lowest costs in the market. At 0-G Launch, “We Bring Earth Closer to Space.”

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