Virgin Galactic Seat Deposits Rise to $149,000

Virgin Galactic is seeking deposits of $149,000 from future passengers on its SpaceShipTwo suborbital vehicles, according to a message obtained by Parabolic Arc. The amount is just under one-third of the $450,000 ticket price for the trip to the edge of space.

The message was sent to a person who had put down an $1,000 deposit on a seat. If the person decides to go forward, Virgin Galactic will send out a spaceflight application on Sept. 1. The message said the $1,000 deposit will be refunded if the person decided not to proceed at this time.

When seats first went on sale way back in 2005, tickets cost $200,000 and the minimum refundable deposit required was $20,000 (10 percent). Those who put down larger deposits were placed higher in the queue for flights.

Virgin Galactic has forecast that the company’s first commercial tourism flight will take placed in late third quarter 2022.

Virgin Galactic and Space for Humanity are running a competition through Omaze that will award seats on early SpaceShipTwo commercial flights to two individuals.