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Lynk’s Global Satellite Constellation To Begin Providing Commercial Service Next Year

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 21, 2021
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FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Lynk Global PR) — Lynk Global, the world’s only independently verified cell-tower-in-space network connectivity provider, today announced that its 5th satellite (Shannon) successfully deployed into low Earth orbit and is alive and beginning operations. This next-generation satellite advances Lynk’s main objective to provide global commercial service next year —connecting to standard mobile phones — with a constellation of “cell towers in space.”

“Lynk is well-positioned to finish our pre-commercial R&D phase and begin commercial cellular service, from space, worldwide in 2022. Our 5th satellite builds on the 4 previous tests and is a breakthrough in design thinking that will scale to larger sizes while still being mass-produced in the US and at scale,” says Charles Miller, Lynk co-founder, and CEO.

Lynk’s “rapid do-learn loop” satellite design process — to develop, build, and launch American-made satellites on a repeatable 6-month schedule — has enabled the four-year-old tech startup to begin planning for its global mobile network constellation earlier than anticipated. More satellites will be launched later this year with production ramping quickly starting next year. Lynk plans to ramp up production to 200 satellites per month.

Shannon incorporates significant design improvements from lessons learned in the first four test flights and is the first model of a highly scalable design constructed in-house. Shannon is five times the mass, seven times the power, twice the RF gain as Lynk #4, and is designed for mass production.

Lynk’s commercial service will begin next year pending FCC approval, and implementation of agreements with mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world. Lynk has more than 36 testing partners worldwide, representing more than 1.5 billion mobile phone subscribers. Lynk’s satellite constellation will enable everyone in the world with a simple mobile phone to stay connected everywhere.

Miller adds “Lynk is sitting in the center of a transformation in space access. Our satellites are designed to take advantage of the emerging breakthrough in affordable space launch. When SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others move the world from launches per month to launches per day, they will be launching Lynk satellites. Lynk is perfectly positioned to take maximum advantage of the coming revolution in cheap access to space.”

Lynk will connect more than 2 billion people where they live and work, jump-starting economic growth in remote and rural communities. Another benefit is instantaneous backup emergency communications that will be accessible everywhere on Earth. Currently, cellular systems are rendered inoperable when they are needed the most … in natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires as well as the aftermath of security-related incidents.

Beginning next year, Lynk will enable people to receive everyone-everywhere-emergency (EEE) alerts and to contact emergency services for help even when the ground network is inoperable. Emergency responders will benefit from increased resiliency to coordinate their efforts, saving lives everywhere. Lynk believes “Nobody should die because the phone in their pocket is not connected.”

About Lynk

Lynk Global Inc. is a mobile technology company focused on providing universal connectivity for mobile phones and the world’s only independently verified space-based mobile network provider. The company’s patented technology allows standard mobile phones to be connected virtually anywhere via low-Earth-orbit satellites without any change to hardware or software. Headquartered in Falls Church, VA, Lynk’s leadership and engineering teams are experts in satellite engineering, space flight and policy, and wireless technologies. Follow us at or via LinkedIn.