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New Cosmonaut Candidates Introduced

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 13, 2021
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Four newly admitted Cosmonaut Squad members. (Credit: CPK/Roscosmos)

STAR CITY, Russia (Roscosmos PR) — At the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), four newly admitted Cosmonaut Squad members were introduced to the Center staff. Sergey Teteryatnikov, Alexander Kolyabin, Sergey Irtuganov and Harutyun Kiviryan are cosmonaut candidates of the 2020 open enrollment.

Prior to joining the Cosmonaut Squad, Sergey Teteryatnikov was engaged in operating submarines. Alexander Kolyabin served as deputy commander of a fighter squadron. Sergey Irtuganov graduated with honors from the Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation with an engineering degree. Harutyun Kiviryan worked as a test engineer, 2nd class at RSC Energia (part of Roscosmos).

The cosmonaut candidates answered the questions of the GCTC specialists, told about their professional achievements, hobbies and skills. Everyone except Sergey Teteryatnikov, has skydiving experience. But Sergey has other skills that will help him undergo training. Teteryatnikov is the first submariner in the history of the Cosmonaut Squad.

‘I would like to wish the candidates perseverance in achieving their goals and the diligence required to master new knowledge. The work will not be easy, but interesting,’ said GCTC head Maxim Kharlamov.

The newcomers will have to undergo a two-year general space training, and if they successfully pass the state exam, they will receive the qualification of test cosmonauts.