Long March 2C Launches 3 Surveillance Satellites, Civilian Data Relay Spacecraft

A Long March 2C booster launched three Yaogan 30-07 surveillance satellites and a commercial data relay satellite on Friday. The launch was conducted from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 2:11 a.m. local time.

The three Yaogan 30-07 satellites will be primarily used for electromagnetic environment detection.

The fourth satellite Tianqi 12, a data relay satellite owned by Beijing-based Guodian Gaoke. The spacecraft is part of the company’s Apocalypse Internet of Things constellation.

The launch also featured some technology focused on returning the payload fairing, according to a press release about the mission from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group.

“In this mission, the rocket fairing is equipped with an altimeter combination to measure the height change and some attitude information during the separation of the fairing and re-entry into the atmosphere, and continue to promote the parachute-based fairing debris landing zone control technology, to provide a reference for the subsequent design and improvement of the rocket landing zone control plan,” the press release said.

It was is the 369th flight of the Long March rocket series.