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SMC Awards $228 Million OCX 3F Contract to Raytheon Intelligence and Space

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
May 4, 2021
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LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (SMC PR) — The United States Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) awarded a $228 million contract to Raytheon Intelligence and Space for the Global Positioning System (GPS) Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX) Follow-On (OCX 3F) on April 30.

The OCX 3F program is part of the GPS Enterprise Modernization effort.  GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system that provides accurate positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) for military and civil users worldwide. The GPS OCX Blocks 1 & 2 System, planned for delivery in 2022, will represent a major evolution in capabilities for the GPS enterprise.  In addition to supporting the latest DoD standards and practices for cybersecurity, it also supports a number of advanced features over the legacy GPS Ground Segment. 

These new features include an enhanced and expanded monitor station network for improved cybersecurity and improved anti-jam capability, enhanced operational capability to control the modernized military signals, support of GPS III boosted earth coverage Military code (M-code), and the monitoring of new Galileo-compatible and safety of life signals. 

OCX 3F upgrades the OCX Blocks 1 & 2 system to utilize the enhanced capabilities of the new GPS IIIF space vehicles being developed by Lockheed Martin.  The OCX 3F program, in combination with the GPS IIIF space vehicle program, ensures PNT will continue to be available for future generations.

“OCX is an adaptive architecture designed to evolve to combat emerging threats.  OCX 3F is a great example of modifying the OCX Blocks 1 and 2 software baseline to launch and incorporate the GPS IIIF enhanced satellite capabilities.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with Raytheon in delivering the United States Space Force GPS capabilities,” said Barbara Baker, SMC Production Corps Command and Control Systems Division’s senior materiel leader.

Raytheon Intelligence and Space will perform the work in Aurora, Colorado, and delivery is expected in July 2025.

“The OCX 3F program office is looking forward to working with Raytheon on this new GPS ground control program.  We are ready to take on any challenges and to work full bore to deliver the critical regional high-powered signals and GPS IIIF launch and control capabilities in support of joint warfighters,” said Lt. Col. Grant Spear, SMC OCX 3F materiel leader.

The U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center, located at the Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, is the Department’s center of excellence for acquiring and developing military space systems. Its portfolio includes the Global Positioning System, military satellite communications, defense meteorological satellites, space launch and range systems, satellite control networks, space based infrared systems, and space domain awareness capabilities.

3 responses to “SMC Awards $228 Million OCX 3F Contract to Raytheon Intelligence and Space”

  1. GaryChurch says:

    So…228 million for some new computer screens in a dark room in L.A.

    Like Reagan’s Ballistic Missile Defense, the “space farce” is going to be the gift that keeps giving.

    An eternal stream of billions flowing into shareholder pockets. The taxpayer gets nothing but their pockets emptied. Space Force was Trump’s ultimate middle finger to the military he considered suckers and losers. The nickname of their embarrassing star trek service badge is “the bone spur.” The only branch with no members in harms way. They get medals though.

    What can you buy for a quarter billion dollars instead of weaponizing Earth orbit?
    Think about the vast treasure going into these cold war toys from 1961 to 2021.

    Now consider if even half that goes into Space Solar Power in the next 60 years.
    What we need is a Green New Space Deal.


    • Emmet Ford says:

      I googled that phrase, Green New Space Deal, because I thought I had seen it somewhere. Must have been one of your posts. Google says it’s yours and yours alone. So congrats on that.

      • GaryChurch says:

        Do not mock me or even if you are being genuine do not set me up for excoriation by the noxious trolls that infest these forums….please.

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