The High Frontier Documentary About Gerard K. O’Neill Premieres on Saturday

A Note from Nanoracks CEO Jeffrey Manber

Dear Friends,
This is a short note to let you know that The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill, a new documentary on the life and impact of Gerard O’Neill will be premiering and out for viewing April 17th. The attached information has additional details.

The film captures a chapter in our commercial space exploration history that is also personal for me. In the 1980s Dr. O’Neill opened the door to popular discussion of space exploration and long-term settlements in space. For many of us, O’Neill’s Space Studies Institute in Princeton, New Jersey was a magnet that drew likeminded pragmatic dreamers, including Princeton student Jeff Bezos and a whole bunch of folks, including myself, who still know and work with one another. But for so many in the space community today, Dr. O’Neill is, incredibly, just about forgotten.

I hope this production from Dylan Taylor of Voyager Space Holdings will bring the story and the vision of O’Neill to this generation of space activists. And given all that is happening in our industry today, The High Frontier may well be one more tool that pries open the door to long term, commercial space stations and a true private marketplace in space!

Check out the documentary if you can,

Take care,

Jeffrey Manber
Chief Executive Officer
Event Details:

What: FREE Live Global Premiere of “The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill”
When: April 17th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, on
Release: The film will be distributed by Vertical Entertainment, and will be available on VOD the following day, April 18th.
Theatrical Trailer:
Live Premiere Promo Trailer: