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Kleos Completes Key Satellite Development Milestone for Mid-year SpaceX Launch

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
March 3, 2021
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Kleos Scouting mission. (Credit: Kleos Space)
  • Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1) satellites have passed a hardware critical design review milestone with satellite builder ISISPACE
  • Satellites now enter Assembly Phase with ISISPACE for a mid-2021 launch onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle
  • Kleos’ Scouting Mission satellites (KSM1) in commission and test phases

Luxembourg – Kleos Space S.A. (ASX: KSS, Frankfurt: KS1,) a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data-as-a-service (DaaS) company, confirms its second satellite cluster, the Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1), has successfully completed a hardware critical design review milestone for a launch mid-year onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9.

Satellite developer ISISPACE, conducts the design progress in the Netherlands. Passing this milestone ensures that Kleos’ Polar Vigilance Mission satellites can enter the assembly and verification phase. This exciting stage leads to final integration, testing and delivery of the satellites for launch.

The KSF1 Polar Vigilance Mission satellites are scheduled for a mid-2021 launch onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9, under a rideshare contract with Spaceflight Inc. The satellites will be launched into a 500-600km Sun Synchronous Orbit, complementing Kleos’ Scouting Mission 37o orbit, which successfully launched in early November 2020 and are in the commission and test phase.

Kleos’ satellites will detect and geolocate radio frequency transmissions to provide global activity-based intelligence, enhancing the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of governments and commercial entities when tracking systems are defeated, imagery unclear or targets out of patrol range.

Kleos Space CEO Andy Bowyer said: “We are excited to be progressing our second satellite cluster with ISISPACE – a leader in the small satellite market. Entering the assembly and verification phase of the satellites is a crucial developmental milestone and ensures we are on schedule to launch in mid-2021. The KSF1 satellite cluster will complement our Scouting Mission satellites, increasing the value of our geolocation maritime intelligence data.”

ISISPACE’s CEO Jeroen Rotteveel states: “We are pleased to design and build this second satellite cluster for Kleos, to be completed on a fast-track schedule made possible by building on our extensive nanosatellite expertise and heritage. Despite the challenging timeline due to the current global situation, we are keen to enter this next crucial phase of satellite assembly and validation and bringing our design to reality.”

As a strategic partner, ISISPACE further supports Kleos with its knowledge and experience to provide review and inputs for Kleos’ future needs and capabilities.

About Kleos Space S.A.

Kleos Space S.A. (ASX: KSS) is a space enabled, activity-based intelligence, data as a service company based in Luxembourg. Kleos Space aims to guard borders, protect assets and save lives by delivering global activity-based intelligence and geolocation as a service. The first Kleos Space satellite system, known as Kleos Scouting Mission (KSM1), will deliver commercially available data and perform as a technology demonstration. KSM1 will be the keystone for a later global high capacity constellation. The Scouting Mission will deliver targeted daily services with the full constellation delivering near-real-time global observation.

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Innovative Solutions In Space (ISISPACE) is one of the leading companies in the small satellite market. Founded in 2006, the company operates globally and serves customers worldwide in accomplishing their space missions and applications.

ISISPACE specializes in realizing innovative turn-key small satellite missions including launch and operations for in-orbit delivery. ISISPACE designs and delivers small satellite platforms, for single missions and constellations, either standardized or optimized in performance and size tailored to the mission needs. In addition to that, the company supports space capability building through training programs, knowledge transfer as well as component sales.

Currently, ISISPACE employs over 125 specialist employees from 25 different nationalities.

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