ICEYE Establishes World’s Top-Performing Persistent Monitoring Satellite Capabilities with 3 New SAR Spacecraft Launched

SpaceX Transporter-1 mission payload. (Credit: SpaceX)

This launch represents an ICEYE milestone of 10 satellite missions launched, bringing the company’s persistent monitoring capabilities with radar satellite imaging to an unparalleled level.

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 25, 2021 (ICEYE PR) – ICEYE, the global leader in persistent monitoring with radar satellite imaging, announces today the successful launch of three ICEYE SAR satellites on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 smallsat rideshare mission via EXOLAUNCH. This raises the total number of launched ICEYE missions to 10, including commercial and dedicated customer missions. Early operation procedures with all 3 spacecraft have been successfully finalized, and each satellite’s SAR instrument is currently going through commissioning.

After commissioning these 3 new spacecraft, ICEYE operates the world’s largest, most agile SAR satellite constellation, providing global commercial access and persistent monitoring. ICEYE’s constellation is able to provide the world’s most reliable and frequent images of customers’ areas of interest, regardless of time of day, or weather conditions.

“The successful launch of three ICEYE SAR satellites is an excellent start to 2021 and reinforces ICEYE’s unmatched capabilities in persistent monitoring. This is the beginning of a significant ramp up of spacecraft builds from our expanded facilities in Europe and a new manufacturing site in the U.S.,” said Jerry Welsh, CEO of ICEYE US. “The new U.S. site will be used to build and operate dedicated spacecraft providing ICEYE flexibility in supporting U.S. and global customers.”

ICEYE empowers commercial and government partners with persistent monitoring of any location on Earth. The company helps customers make informed, data-driven decisions to address time-critical challenges in various industries and uses such as border security, flood monitoring and oil spill clean-up.

“As ICEYE continues to expand its constellation of SAR satellites, it provides the opportunity to image more locations each day,” said Eric Jensen, President of ICEYE US. “Our customers receive dependable and frequent imaging that provides persistent monitoring of locations addressing time-critical needs. This reinforces ICEYE’s market-leading position in providing change detection applications.”

The company raised $87 million in the Series C funding round last year, bringing its total fundraising to $152 million. At least another 8 ICEYE satellites are being manufactured for launch still within this year. Equipped with cloud-piercing radar sensors, the company’s satellites can image day or night and in all weather conditions at incredibly high resolutions.