CASIS Unveils Research Announcement in Technology Advancements to Leverage the ISS National Lab

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER (FL), January 21, 2021 – The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), manager of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory, today made public a research announcement  soliciting proposals for technology advancements and applied research that would utilize the space-based environment of the orbiting laboratory.

With this solicitation, CASIS seeks R&D concepts focused on flight investigations within applied research and development, translational medicine, technology readiness level maturation, and technology demonstrations to be performed on the space station. Flight projects selected via this research announcement may be awarded funding to enable mission integration and operations support for projects that will be implemented on the ISS National Lab.

CASIS, in coordination with NASA, has identified multiple ISS National Lab lines of business that support strategic priorities and programmatic focus areas aimed at bringing value to our nation and enabling a robust and scalable market in low Earth orbit. Technology development and demonstrations enabled by access to space bring tremendous growth potential due to the ability to conduct applied research in space to accelerate technology maturation. Through this research announcement, respondents may propose to use the unique ISS environment to develop, test, or mature products and processes that have a demonstrated potential to produce near-term and positive direct or indirect economic impact.

This research announcement will follow a two-step proposal submission process. Before being invited to submit a full proposal, all interested investigators must complete and submit a Step One concept for review. CASIS will host a webinar for interested proposers to discuss the facilities and capabilities associated with the ISS, which will take place on February 11, 2021 at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Upon completion of the webinar, a recording will be made available to the research community through the research announcement landing page.

Step One concept reviews are to be submitted by end of day on February 25, 2021. Full proposals (from those invited to submit) will be due by end of day April 26, 2021.

Through ISS National Lab research announcements, CASIS and NASA are fostering a programmatic approach that enables continuous access to space for fundamental science, applied research, and technology development. In the near future, additional opportunities will be presented to the research community in targeted areas of inquiry, to potentially include (but not limited to) in-space production concepts for advanced materials and biomanufacturing as well as education.

To learn more about this opportunity, please visit the web page, which includes information on the research announcement, including how to submit a Step One concept review. To learn more about the ISS National Lab, and the science that it sponsors, please visit