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Long March 3B Launches Tiantong-1 03 Communications Satellite

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 20, 2021
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Long March 3B rocket lifts off with Tiantong-1 03 satellite. (Credit: Zhang Yiyi)

BEIJING (CASC PR) — At 00:25 on January 20, the Long March 3B carrier rocket ignited and lifted off at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and then sent the Tiantong-1 03 satellite into the scheduled orbit. The launch mission was a complete success.

This mission won the opening battle in the aerospace field in 2021 and opened a new journey for China’s aerospace development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

The Tiantong-1 satellite was developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The 01 satellite and 02 satellite were successfully launched by the Changsan B rocket in 2016 and 2020 respectively. After being launched into orbit, Tiantong-1 03 satellite will be networked with Tiantong-1 01 and 02 satellites. my country’s autonomous and controllable satellite mobile communication system will achieve Asia-Pacific coverage.

The Tiantong-1 satellite mobile communication system is composed of space segment, ground segment and user terminals. The system will provide users in China and surrounding areas, the Middle East, Africa and other related areas, as well as users in most of the Pacific and Indian oceans, providing all-weather, all-time, stable and reliable mobile communication services such as voice, short message and data, and enhance my country’s satellite communication services. Level and emergency communication support capabilities.

The Long March 3A rocket used for this launch mission belongs to the “Gold Medal Rocket” Long March 3A series, which was developed by the First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and adopted the unified configuration design concept of the Long March A series rockets.

This mission is the 358th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets and the 117th launch of the Long March series rockets.

This year, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group plans to conduct more than 40 aerospace launch missions, and the number of launches and flight tests has reached a new high.