Space BD to Provide Sompo Japan Memento Item Service by Utilizing the ISS Kibo External Experience Platform

TOKYO (Space BD PR) — Space BD Inc., the leading Japanese space startup providing access to space, announced that they will provide the memento item service to Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (Sompo Japan) and its campaign “SOMPO Park x Space Travel.

Space BD and Sompo Japan have discussed a new compensation service to expand the International Space Station (ISS) users by offering user-friendly options. The “SOMPO Park x Space Travel” campaign was born from the discussion between the two companies. While ISS has been mainly used for science-centered projects, this is the first project focusing on the entertainment uses done by service providers.

The “SOMPO Park x Space Travel” campaign offered a memento item to a person selected by lottery from who answers Sompo Japan’s survey about space travel. The awarded person would gain the right to bring the favorite photography to the “space travel.”

In this campaign, Space BD will produce the memento item and take it to “space travel.” To achieve this “space travel,” Space BD will utilize ExBAS, which is a part of the external platform of ISS Japanese experiment module Kibo “i-SEEP.” Exbas is a tower-like platform that is mainly used for the material experience in the space environment. To note, Space BD has been awarded by JAXA as the official service provider for i-SEEP utilization since 2019.

The memento item will be made of an aluminum plate engraved with the awarded person’s photography. Space BD will install the aluminum plate to ExBAS and realize space travel.

To produce the memento item, Space BD contracted with Core Machinery, a manufacturing company that delivers precision mechanical equipment. Core Machinery will engrave the photography to the aluminum plate and complete it with the alumite treatment, durable in space. Space BD discusses with Core Machinery about this treatment method.

Space BD has the expertise in the one-stop satellite launch service to the ISS, including scheduling the launch opportunity, safety reviews following the environmental test results, and submission for administrative procedures. Applying the expertise, Space BD will bring and install the memento item to ExBAS, get it back to the earth, and provide it to Sompo Japan.

Space BD focuses on developing the space industry by offering access to space. Collaborating with the SOMPO Park × Space Travel campaign, Space BD accelerate the industrialization of space.

Comment from Isao Kawada, Production Division, Aviation & Aerospace Department, at Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

“I am pleased to realize this promotion themed space, which is the first initiatives for Sompo Japan. Thanks to Mr. Hiraga and Space BD members, our company mascot, Japanda, will wear the space suite and fly to the ISS. As well as, we can offer a special space travel experience to the awarded person. Sompo Japan will continue working with Space BD to create an environment where all businesses embarking on the space business can launch into space with reassurance.”

Comment from Genki Hiraga, Marketing at Space BD

“In order to realize the industrialization of space that Space BD aims for, we have discussed the initiatives to drive man people to use the ISS which has been mainly used for the scientific purpose. I am delighted to work with Mr. Kawada and Sompo Japan to bring people who felt the space with the distance. Space BD continues to working together with Sompo Japan to develop the initiatives to make space accessible.”