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Dmitry Rogozin Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year, Looks Toward Busy 2021

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
December 30, 2020
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Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin. (Credit: A. Savin)

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos Director General, wishes a Happy New Year!

“We see off this year and welcome 2021 with high hopes. We hope that the Vostochny Cosmodrome will start operating at full capacity,” Rogozin said.

In 2021, Roscosmos expects to ensure the new Nauka orbital module launch to the International Space Station from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and send the Luna-25 automatic interplanetary station from the Vostochny Cosmodrome to Earth’s natural satellite.

According to the head of Roscosmos, 2020 was a difficult year for the Russian rocket and space industry due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions in the world and Russia in particular.

“Nevertheless, Russia’s rocket and space industry worked uninterrupted. We ensured all our planned launches, including crewed launches from Baikonur,” Rogozin noted.

Next year, apart from Luna-25, Roscosmos plans to carry out about six launches of the British OneWeb communications satellites from Vostochny. In 2020, only one rocket launch took place from this cosmodrome – on December 18, 36 spacecraft of the OneWeb satellite company went into orbit.

In total, in 2020, Roscosmos conducted 17 launches of space rockets from the Baikonur, Plesetsk, Vostochny and Guiana spaceports.

2 responses to “Dmitry Rogozin Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year, Looks Toward Busy 2021”

  1. Lee says:

    Pretty good for a country who is “Poor, and surrounded by enemies”. These guys need to get a grip…

    • duheagle says:

      Well, poor Russia most assuredly is. “Surrounded by enemies” is more a choice than an existential reality. And, as for dealing with said “enemies,” Russia hasn’t done any too well even against the small fry on that enemies list. Penny-ante screwing around to no good effect on its western border has, I think, also taken Russia’s eye off its eastern border where its biggest and oldest actual enemy lurks patiently.

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