Vega Launcher: Full Support for the Return to Flight Activities From Italian and French Institutions

Vega takes off on its 17th flight on Nov. 16, 2020. (Credit: Arianespace webcast)

ROME (Avio PR) — After the yesterday meeting in Rome, the Undersecretary of State with responsibility for Space Riccardo Fraccaro and the French Minister of Finance with responsibility for Space Bruno Le Maire, issued a joint statement highlighting the full institutional support to the Ariane and Vega programmes, with particular regard to the return-to-flight of the Italian launcher designed and produced by Avio S.p.A. with the ESA (European Space Agency) mandate.

The support was also reiterated by the Italian Interministerial Committee for Space and Aerospace Policies.

The full statement is below

Space Sector, Italy-France Joint Declaration

25 November 2020

Translated from Italian

The Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy with responsibility for space policies, Riccardo Fraccaro, today received at Palazzo Chigi the Minister of Economy, Finance and the Relaunch of France responsible for space activities, Bruno Le Maire.

Italy and France share important industrial interests in the space sector, ranging from upstream to downstream via launchers. Both countries are aware of the importance that space activities play in terms of technological sovereignty, economic development, safety and environmental protection.

For this reason, Undersecretary Fraccaro and Minister Le Maire agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation between Italy and France in the space sector.

During the meeting, a common appreciation emerged for the assignment of contracts for the construction of the two sentries of the Copernicus program, CIMR and CHIME, to the Italian-French group Thales Alenia Space. Fraccaro and Le Maire therefore underlined the strategic value of the Earth Observation programs.

Italy and France also renewed full support for the Ariane 6 and Vega programs for autonomous access to space, underlining for the latter the common commitment to return to flight as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, Undersecretary Fraccaro and Minister Le Maire agreed on the usefulness of an ever greater coordination between countries in the field of space within the various community bodies, in particular within the European Space Agency, which is indispensable for achieving increasingly more objectives. ambitious.

Finally, the two ministers decided to set up a working group composed of the main European space countries, in particular Italy, France and Germany, on the future challenges of the European space industry and in particular on future launchers.