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Brazil Launches Public Consultation on Proposed National Space Policy

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
October 19, 2020
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BRASILIA (Brazilian Space Agency PR) — It is a consultation with society regarding the proposal for a National Space Policy, to be established by presidential decree.

A country’s competence in space activities is a strategic asset that generates significant focus for national and international investments. An increasing number of nations, including developing ones, have invested in their space programs to assert their sovereignty, to increase national security and economic and social development through the use of space systems.

In Brazil in particular, with its vast territorial extension and wealth of natural resources, the demand for products and services associated with space activities is growing, such as climate forecasting, alerts about impending disasters, satellite broadband communication and remote sensing. applied to the monitoring of land use and occupation, among others. 

On the other hand, the country hosts sites with a privileged geographical position for launching space artifacts. This potential, associated with the entrepreneurship and innovation capacity of Brazilian society has the potential to lead Brazil to become a participant in the select group of nations that not only consumes, but also offers products and services related to space.

Given this, the MCTI is committed to raising the status of the space program in Brazil. The policy proposal, now in consultation, seeks to guide the Brazilian long-term vision for space, indicating the basic principles, guidelines and objectives of the Brazilian state for its space program. 

Once approved, the policy will favor the capacity for national research and development, the training and maintenance in the country of human resources with technical and scientific competence and the promotion of a sustainable and innovative business environment for the national productive sector, in order to enable the country to participate competitively in goods and services markets related to space activities.

The draft decree instituting the National Space Policy can be accessed by clicking here.

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