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Baikonur Continues to Prepare New ISS Module for Launch

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 13, 2020
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BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan (Roscosmos PR) — At the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the next stage of preparation of the “Science” module for launch to the International Space Station has begun.  Preparations for factory proof tests are ongoing. 

After the module arrived at the assembly and testing building of site No. 254 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, work was carried out to prepare Nauka for reloading and installation at the workplace.

Specialists of the Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” S.P. Korolev (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation) and enterprises of the Russian rocket and industrial industry, work was carried out to prepare the transport car for unloading the product, reloading it onto a transport unit and delivering it to the workplace. 

The specialists removed the protection used during the transportation of the product from the module: they dismantled the technological head fairing and the transitional technological compartment. After that, the material part, fulfilling its task of preserving the product during transportation, was moved to the storage location.

At the same time, the module was installed in the shroud rings and moved to the workplace for assembly and assembly work. Over the past week, work was performed to open the hatch of the active hybrid docking unit, technological protection was installed, and then a cleanliness chamber was attached to the product, which protects the product from contamination and ensures comfortable working conditions inside the product.

Specialists carried out work inside the module to dismantle the standard floor and interior panels for the further installation of technological floors. In the course of work with the product, it is constantly inspected and parallel work is performed to install micrometeorite protection. 

Employees of the Energia plant carried out work on installing a TV camera unit, connecting connectors to an active hybrid docking unit, as well as assembling devices for placing scientific equipment used for conducting space experiments.

During the current week, autonomous checks of antenna mechanisms were carried out on the product, incoming control of cables of a technological on-board cable network was carried out, and a stand for opening solar batteries was tested. 

The Russian space industry has not implemented such large-scale projects for a long time and therefore every day poses new complex tasks for the specialists of RSC Energia and enterprises of the Russian rocket industry.

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  1. windbourne says:

    About time.

  2. duheagle says:

    Actually launch the thing and I’ll be mildly impressed. Just working on the thing has been going on for upwards of a couple decades so that doesn’t impress me at all.

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