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Brazilian Space Agency Evaluating 11 Proposals to Launch From Alcantara

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 7, 2020
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Launch trajectories from Alcantara (Credit: AEB)

BRASILIA (AEB PR) — The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), starts from Tuesday (09/01), the evaluation of the proposals sent by the 11 companies interested in carrying out launch activities employing the Alcântara Space Center (CEA) in Maranhão (MA).

The Analysis of the Special Committee, composed of members of the AEB and the Aeronautics Command (COMAER) will verify the proposal’s operation, launch vehicle and launch operations in Brazil sent by companies.After the analysis, companies have until 5 pm (Brasília time), on October 30, 2020, to send the final proposals.

In the next step, the companies will be submitted to the Contractual Negotiation process with the Air Force Command, which will only start after the Issuance of the Operator License.

The negotiations of the body of the contract will be carried out by representatives of COMAER, instituted by an act of the Chief of the Air Staff (EMAER). The contract will be signed between the licensed company and COMAER.

Learn more about the Public Call and all stages of the process:  

Operator License  

AEB published Ordinance No. 182 of May 28, 2020, which institutes procedures and establishes requirements on operator license for the execution of space launch activities in Brazilian territory. The Operator License is an important requirement to enable orbital and suborbital launching, using the CEA.

The Ordinance establishes guidelines for space launch activities to be carried out by private legal entities, and for any launch that reaches an altitude greater than 100 kilometers above sea level. The License will have a term of five years and can be renewed for equal and successive periods.

Public Call 

Published in May 2020, the Public Call Notice aimed to identify companies, national or foreign, that are interested in carrying out suborbital and orbital launch operations using the Alcântara Space Center (CEA), as well as providing information about the contractual process, including the licensing and authorization processes for space launch.

About AEB 

 The Brazilian Space Agency is an autarchy linked to the MCTI, responsible for formulating, coordinating and executing the Brazilian Space Policy. Since its creation, on February 10, 1994, the Agency has worked to make the Brazilian State’s efforts to promote the welfare of society via the sovereign employment of the space sector viable.

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