Demonstrator Satellite for KINEIS IoT Constellation is Operational

Translated from French by Google Translate

PARIS (CNES PR) — ANGELS, put into orbit on December 18, 2019 and equipped with new flight software, has kept its promises: the ANGELS platform now fully performs the missions for which it was designed by HEMERIA in collaboration with CNES.

In-flight testing of the ARGOS-Néo payload developed by Thales and Syrlinks is continuing nominally and will allow the operational use of this new mission on board ANGELS to be declared, which will thus complete the ARGOS system.

The HEMERIA, KINEIS and CNES teams can already make the most of this in-orbit demonstrator to prepare for the development of the KINEIS IOT constellation, which will be made up of 25 nanosatellites.

Developing and commissioning a new satellite in less than 24 months was a challenge. This was possible thanks to a completely new mode of cooperation between CNES and HEMERIA within the framework of its nano-satellite sector, of which ANGELS was the first example. Co-investment, knowledge transfer and agile management have thus made it possible to achieve very ambitious objectives at a reduced cost.

Caroline LAURENT, Director of Orbital Systems at CNES, declares: “ANGELS, it is a very beautiful partnership which marks the entry of CNES as a player in NewSpace as well as the emergence of HEMERIA. It is also the realization of innovative working methods through integrated CNES-HEMERIA teams and common learning, and the emergence of “doing with” on the part of CNES, which is a very effective way of making a young person mature. entering the world of very small satellites. It is also the “proof of concept” of the KINEIS constellation under development at HEMERIA with a partnership that continues and evolves between the two entities. “

As part of the “active space defense” doctrine advocated at the national level, new projects are in the process of maturing, such as nano-satellites lookouts.

Nicolas MULTAN, CEO of HEMERIA adds: “2009 marked the beginning of the Nanosat adventure for HEMERIA, with the first thoughts on the idea of ​​making the cubesat-nanosat format an industrial product that is not confined to the field of demonstrations. . Ten years later we had the immense joy of putting ANGELS into orbit, the fruit of an excellent collaboration with CNES, which we would like to thank very much. ANGELS is now 6 months old [in orbit] and is doing very well, which reassures us about the quality of the developments jointly carried out with CNES and which now give way to the ongoing developments of the KINEIS constellation. A superb story being written! “

It is thus demonstrated that public action associated with entrepreneurial initiatives can be a win / win arrangement.