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Israel Launches Reconnaissance Satellite

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 5, 2020
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A Shavit launches the Ofek 16 satellite on July 6, 2020. (Credit: Israel Ministry of Defense)

Israel launched a reconnaissance satellite into orbit aboard a Shavit booster on Monday morning, the Israel Ministry of Defense announced.

“Ofek 16 is an electro-optical reconnaissance satellite with advanced capabilities. During the initial period of operation, the satellite will undergo a series of tests to determine its propriety and performance level,” the ministry tweeted.

The launch took place from the Palmachim Airbase in Israel at 4 a.m. local time.

3 responses to “Israel Launches Reconnaissance Satellite”

  1. therealdmt says:

    I guess they would have launched it retrograde?

    (I.e., westward, across the Mediterranean)

  2. Saturn1300 says:

    Another spy sat(?) will launch next Wed from the NRO. Minotaur 4. Wallops live.http://

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