SPARX Innovation for the Future Announces New JAXA Partnership

TOKYO, June 29, 2020 (SPARX Group PR) — SPARX Innovation for the Future Co., Ltd. (SIF)—a subsidiary of SPARX Group Co., Ltd. (SPARX; TSE1: 8739)—today announced a partnership with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which aims to develop the space industry and related sectors through the promotion of open innovation.

Combining the technical expertise JAXA brings as a space agency and the investment and market-trend knowledge of SPARX/SIF, the partnership should help accelerate R&D, expansion, and commercialization in the space equipment and exploitation industries. It also aims to generate sustainable growth and innovation in Japan’s space industry over the medium to long term.

JAXA is committed to strengthening Japan’s industrial, scientific, and technological foundations in the aerospace industry and to promoting and broadening its international competitiveness and space utilization. It fosters these goals via the activities of J-SPARC*.

Not only does JAXA steadily promote research and development in aerospace, but it also advances projects concerned with open innovation, which integrates human resources, technologies, and capital from different industries. It’s purpose is to create or acquire technologies that are not exclusive to the space industry.

SIF is a new company that SPARX established to focus on the space domain, one of its priority investment areas for the future. SIF launched the Space Frontiers Fund to create new growth sectors in the space industry. It will also play a role in bridging the gap between space technologies and financial markets.

JAXA and SPARX/SIF will collaborate to advance the partnership which they have entered into, for accelerating the development of the space industry and related sectors in Japan.

*The JAXA Space Innovation through Partnership and Co-creation (J-SPARC) program began from a dialogue between JAXA and private-sector organizations that were looking to operate space businesses. Both sides committed to the commercialization of space before jointly undertaking the process of studying business concepts, developing and testing exit-oriented technologies, and creating new enterprises. Having launched in May 2018, the organization now manages approximately 20 projects.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Overview

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is a core organization in technologically supporting Japan’s development and utilization of space. It is the only institution in Japan involved in all aspects of the space industry, from basic research to practical development and utilization projects. It aims to leverage the sky and space to realize a safe and prosperous society.

SPARX Group Overview

Founded by Shuhei Abe (the current CEO) in 1989, SPARX Group Co., Ltd. (SPARX) is an independent asset management company. In 2001, it became Japan’s first investment asset management company to be listed on the JASDAQ, and in 2019, it changed the listing of its shares to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Under the company’s investment philosophy of “the Macro is the Aggregate of the Micro,” SPARX continues to leverage the flexibility that is inherent in being an independent asset management company as it strives to become an investment company that is widely trusted and respected by society.

SPARX Innovation for the Future Overview

SPARX Innovation for the Future Ltd. (SIF) is a new subsidiary that SPARX established to focus on the space domain, which it identified as one of its priority investment areas for the future. SIF manages the Space Frontiers Fund. The Fund aims to generate new growth industries through investment activities based on the unique investment philosophy of SPARX which has been consistent for 30 years since its founding.