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Schedule for Upcoming Launches

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 12, 2020
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Electron rocket lifts off on Jan. 31, 2020. (Credit: Rocket Lab)

The week ahead features launches by Rocket Lab and SpaceX, Vega’s first rideshare mission, two Chinese launches, and a Japanese sounding rocket flight.

JUNE 12-13

Launch Vehicle: Momo-F5
Launch Window: 0200-0320 GMT on June 13 (10:00 — 11:20 p.m. EDT on June 12)
Launch Site: Taiki Aerospace Research Field

Interstellar Technologies will launch its Momo suborbital sounding rocket for the fifth time.

UPDATE: Scrubbed due to high level winds. Aiming to launch on Sunday, June 14.


Launch Vehicle: Electron
Payloads: Rideshare — 5 small satellites
Launch Time: 0443 GMT (12:43 a.m. EDT)
Launch Site: Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

Rocket Lab’s 12th Electron launch will carry three satellites for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, one satellite for Boston University, and one Australian communications test spacecraft.

UPDATE: Success

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9
Payloads: 58 Starlink Internet broadband and three Planet SkySat Earth observation satellites
Launch Time: 0921 GMT (5:21 a.m. EDT)
Launch Site:
 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

UPDATE: Success


Launch Vehicle: Long March 3B
Payload: Beidou navigation satellite
Launch Time: TBD
Launch Site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China


Launch Vehicle: Long March 2D
Payload: Gaofen 9-03 Earth observation satellite
Launch Time: 0725 GMT (3:25 a.m. EDT)
Launch Site: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China

JUNE 18/19

Launch Vehicle: Vega
Payloads: Rideshare mission
Launch Time: 0151 GMT on June 19 (9:51 p.m. EDT on June 18)
Launch Site: Kourou, French Guiana

Vega’s Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) Proof of Concept will carry about 50 satellites into orbit.