Momentus Teams Up with Swarm Technologies

Credit: Momentus

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Momentus PR) — Swarm Technologies has long been on our radar because the Momentus service model is well-matched with Swarm’s need for low cost, dependable access to space with our unique capability to offer delivery into precision orbits.

Swarm makes the world’s lowest-cost global satellite communications network for customers in remote locations. Founded in 2017, the company currently has 9 satellites in orbit (with its full constellation of 150 to be deployed by 2021) and has full regulatory approval from the FCC to operate commercially.

Our LTAN/LTDN options were particularly useful for Swarm. Beyond Momentus’ ability to deliver Swarm’s satellites into optimal altitudes, LTAN/LTDN matters to most LEO constellation operators including EO, IoT, communications and even scientific missions because it enables the constellation operators to have passes over the exact regions of interest for their customers at the desired times of the day.

Many current LEO SSO launches are to an LTAN between 9 and 10 am which is becoming increasingly congested with satellites. For satellite operators desiring a different or unique LTAN destination, Momentus can provide the option to be delivered to any LTAN  +/- 3 hours from the launch vehicle drop-off LTAN.

We are excited to start launching with Swarm, and aid with launch frequency, delivery to optimal altitudes, LTDNs, and phasing for their constellation!