Exos SARGE Launch Ends With Crash

SARGE rocket takes off (Credit Exos Aerosopace webcast)

The fourth launch of a suborbital SARGE rocket by Exos Aerospace ended with a crash of the booster near its launch pad after a brief flight at Spaceport America on Saturday.

A cloud of dirt rises after the impact of the SARGE booster. (Credit Exos Aerospace webcast)

The booster appeared to wobble as it gained altitude after lift off. Data displayed on the Exos website indicated that the rocket reached an altitude of 41,464 ft (12,638 m) and a velocity of 1,264 mph (2,034 k/h).

SARGE’s main stage crashed without its parachute deploying after a flight of less than 3.5 minutes. The nose cone had earlier separated and descended separately.

Exos cut off the webcast shortly afterward.