Skykraft, Equatorial Launch Australia Sign Letter of Intent for Strategic Partnership

Letter of Strategic Intent

Skykraft Pty Ltd and Equatorial Launch Australia Pty Ltd (ELA) agree to develop a strategic relationship that leverages the strengths of both companies. Those being, Skykraft as a designer and manufacturer of small satellite (SmallSAT) constellations for a broad range of space-based services, and ELA as the operator of Australia’s first commercial spaceport, located near Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory.

The combination of Skykraft’s rapid constellation design and manufacture capability, plus ELA’s ability to tailor the launch options through their established spaceport and access to a wide selection of launch vehicles, provides Australia and the broader space community with an end-to-end solution for rapid, flexible and responsive space access.

Both Skykraft Pty Ltd and ELA are ideally placed to support Australia’s Civil Space Strategy as established by the Australian Space Agency, this seeks to strengthen and grow Australia’s competencies and capabilities in the following priority domains:

  • Position, navigation and timing (PNT)
  • Earth observation (EO)
  • Communications technologies and services
  • Space situational awareness and debris monitoring
  • Leapfrog R&D
  • Robotics and automation on Earth and in space
  • Access to space

About Skykraft Pty Ltd

Skykraft, which is a UNSW Canberra Spin out company, specialises in the conceptualisation, design and manufacture of SmallSat constellations for the delivery of space-based global services. Drawing on the expertise and heritage of UNSW Canberra’s team of over 40 engineers and academic staff, who are responsible for the design, build and operations of the Buccaneer, M1, M2PF and M2 CubeSats, Skykraft has a wealth of expertise and flight heritage to draw upon for the development and operations of entire SmallSat constellations. Skykraft is currently developing a class leading SmallSat constellation that will deliver global tracking, communication and location services.

About Equatorial Launch Australia

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) is establishing the Arnhem Space Centre – Australia’s national launch facility. The Arnhem Space Centre is expected to be the only multi-orbit commercial spaceport in the East Asian hemisphere. A region with the highest forecast growth rate across the global space industry. ELA plans to launch and recover payloads flown through space from near the equator and facilitate launches by other organisations by leveraging significant existing support infrastructure. ELA has established agreements and processes with land owners, Government agencies, NASA, most major aerospace organisations, launch vehicle suppliers and customers. The Arnhem Space Centre will deliver benefits to the space industry, Territorians and the nation through a focus on launch, education and industry development.