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WhiteKnightTwo Departs Mojave for New Mexico

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
August 12, 2019
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A Virgin Galactic spokeswoman tells me that SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity remains in Mojave as its passenger cabin is fitted out for commercial flights.

The spacecraft is set to join WhiteKnightTwo VMS Eve at Spaceport America in New Mexico later this year to complete a series of flights that began in Mojave. Commercial suborbital flights are set to begin from there in 2020.

The company is planning an event on Thursday, Aug. 15, in which they will unveil the inside of the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space in New Mexico.

4 responses to “WhiteKnightTwo Departs Mojave for New Mexico”

  1. duheagle says:

    This move isn’t exactly looking like an overnight scamper. Wake me up when we get there.

  2. Robert G. Oler says:

    the going to work walk…its typical among all big jet pilots 🙂

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