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Senate Confirms Morhard as NASA Deputy Administrator

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
October 12, 2018
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The Senate has confirmed James Morhard as NASA deputy administrator on Friday. Morhard had been serving as the Senate deputy sergeant at arms.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine issued the following statement about the confirmation:

“Congratulations to Jim Morhard! He was confirmed as the 14th Deputy Administrator of NASA on Thursday, Oct. 11.

“He joins our amazing agency at a crucial time in history. NASA is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, and I look forward to working with him as we look towards NASA’s next 60 years. His legislative and managerial talents will serve NASA well as we accomplish stunning achievements.” 

3 responses to “Senate Confirms Morhard as NASA Deputy Administrator”

  1. Saturn1300 says:

    Since he is Doorman for the Senate, I will watch to see how he handles doors for NASA.

    • ThomasLMatula says:

      As former Staff Director of the Appropriations Committee he is probably more knowledable about how the Senate works, and how to get things funded, than anyone has been at NASA since James Webb.

      If you want NASA to have the money to go to the Moon and then Mars it’s nice to have someone who knows the key Senators who will give you the money on a first name basis.

      Remember, as Tom Wolfe stated, “No Bucks, No Buck Rogers.”

      • Tom Billings says:

        In particular, he will have worked closely with Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Richard Shelby. IMHO, his appointment may be part of the price the WH has paid for getting a NASA budget at all. Not a move will be made without Shelby knowing about it first. His job, of keeping the relevance of Commercial Crew from hurting Alabama voters, will be made more difficult by the Soyuz 11 failure, but Shelby will be expecting performance nonetheless.

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