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Maison Mumm Launches New Era with Unprecedented Zero-gravity Bottle Design

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
September 21, 2018
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Usain Bolt – Mumm microgravity flight

VATRY, France (Maison Mumm PR) –The first ever zero-gravity flight of Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar.

It took three years of research and experimentation to develop Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, the first champagne designed to be tasted in space. For this world premiere, Maison Mumm symbolically chose to fly over the vineyards of Reims to present its innovation during a zero-gravity flight.

Science Serving Champagne

Emilie Langleron, Octave de Gaulle – Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar (Credit: Maison Mumm PR)

Maison Mumm’s goal was to take champagne into space while maintaining its integrity – that is to say, respecting its aromas, the tasting ritual and the specifications of the AOC. The Maison was the first to take an interest in the scientific constraints that the absence of gravity could pose on a gaseous liquid. To explore the possibilities, Maison Mumm called upon Octave de Gaulle, founder of SPADE, a design agency specializing in creating objects for use in space, and assembled a team of experts (engineers, researchers, astronauts and oenologists) to work alongside him.

Driving this exceptional scientific adventure forward, Maison Mumm worked in close collaboration with Jean-François Clervoy (French ESA astronaut, veteran of three NASA space missions) and Gérard Liger-Belair (professor at the University of Reims, world-renowned researcher specializing in the physio-chemistry of the effervescence of champagne). With their knowledge of the dynamics of fluids and capillary action, they were able to understand the terrestrial behaviors of Mumm Grand Cordon champagne.

Jean-François Clervoy,, Octave de Gaulle, and Emilie Langleron

They faced many challenges: without the effects of gravity, the main difficulties were expelling the liquid from the bottle, capturing it once it came out and finally, how to drink it. To help solve these questions, professor Liger-Belair made twenty years of research related to the creation of bubbles in champagne available to Maison Mumm. He also led a study to predict the behavior of champagne in zero gravity.

SPADE worked on a prototype for the bottle based on theories put forward by the two scientific experts on the team to create several models which were tested in realistic conditions during three parabolic flights between April 2017 and February 2018.

Jean-François Clervoy, Usain Bolt and Octave de Gaulle with Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar

Thanks to Maison Mumm, the hypotheses were put to the test and facilitated the observation of a variety of phenomenon and reactions, which were analyzed with the help of Jean-François Clervoy.

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    So, it’s the Coke and Pepsi thing in space, only this time with alcohol? Ok then. I suppose it might go over well at the space hotels. Unless the excess gas causes problems (it does).

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