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Deep Space Industries to Provide Comet Satellite Propulsion for Astro Digital

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
March 15, 2018
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MOFFETT Field, Calif. (DSI PR) — Deep Space Industries announced today that it has signed a contract with Astro Digital to provide several CometTM water-based satellite propulsion systems. Comet is a simple, launch-safe, and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion system that uses water as a propellant and can be customized for nearly any small satellite application.

“We chose DSI’s propulsion solution because of the team’s ability to deliver a unique and relatively large microsat propulsion system on an incredibly aggressive schedule,” explained Chris Biddy, chief executive officer of Astro Digital. “We are quite impressed by the Comet’s scalable nature and ease of integration.”

Comet is unique in that it uses water as propellant. This is especially important for Deep Space Industries’ future asteroid mining plans, as water will be among the first resources mined from asteroids. In the meantime, this propulsion system is efficient, affordable, and easy to use for small satellites that will stay much closer to home, for customers such as Astro Digital.

“Astro Digital is a fantastic organization. We are proud to partner with their team on this and many other projects in the future, “commented Bill Miller, chief executive officer of Deep Space Industries. “Comet has been very successful in the market and we are adding new customers almost monthly at this point.”

About Astro Digital

Astro Digital (AD) is enabling big data analytics from space. We monitor Earth from space with our constellation of multi-spectral Landmapper satellites and a dedicated software platform for imagery analysis and distribution. With a team of engineers, developers and data scientists based on NASA’s Moffett Field, we’re monitoring commercially active land use to model global change and analyze local activity for a variety of business needs. For more information, visit:

About Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries (DSI) is dedicated to making space resources available to fuel mankind’s expansion into space.  We are developing a new type of spacecraft, and innovative propulsion technologies that dramatically lower the cost of access to Earth orbit and beyond.  Our first step towards that goal has been to create new propulsion technologies that can extend the life and capabilities of small satellites.  Deep Space Industries is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Florida, and in Luxembourg.

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  1. Tom Billings says:

    Interesting contrast with Planetary Resources. Hard-scrabble, starting slower, using multiple markets, and still growing. PR is probably observing, and certainly should be, the policy differences between the 2 companies.

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