NASA Space Act Agreements with Virgin Galactic, Moon Express, NanoRacks and More

NASA has released a document listing the 1,206 active Space Act Agreements  (SAAs) the agency has with commercial companies, non-profit organizations and state and local governments.

From that list, I’ve extracted agreements with individual companies. Below you will find tables listing SAAs that NASA has signed with Virgin Group companies, Moon Express and NanoRacks. There is also a fourth table that has SAAs with a number of companies and organizations that we follow on Parabolic Arc.

SAAs come in three varieties: reimburseable, non-reimburseable and funded. Under reimburseable agreements, a company or organization will pay NASA for its services. No money exchanges hands under non-reimburseable agrements. And under funded agreements, NASA pays the company to perform work or provide services. (The space agency made substantial use of SAA’s in the Commercial Crew Program.)


Virgin Group Space Act Agreements with NASA
Virgin GalacticAnnex to Reimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement between Virgin Galactic and NASA, Ames Research Center for supporting the maturation of Virgin Galactic Air-Launched Vehicle System07/13/1207/13/18Reimbursable—–AFRC
Virgin Galactic LLCNonreimbursable Space Act Agreement between NASA, Ames Research Center and Virgin Galactic LLC to Advance Emerging Space Capabilities for LauncherOne04/20/1604/20/19Non-Reimbursable$986,571.00ARC
Virgin GalacticAnnex Two to the Reimbursable Space Act Agreement between Virgin Galactic and the NASA, Ames Research Center for Analysis and Simulation of a Transport Aircraft as a Launch Platform06/29/1506/29/18Reimbursable—–ARC
Virgin GalacticReimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement between Virgin Galactic and the NASA, Ames Research Center for Supporting the Maturation of Virgin Galactic”s Air-Launched Vehicle System07/13/1207/13/18Reimbursable—–ARC
Virgin GalacticLaunch Vehicle and Space System Support06/17/1406/16/19Reimbursable—–LaRC
The Spaceship CompanyConsultation and Peer Review Support01/05/1601/05/18Reimbursable—–AFRC
The Spaceship CompanyFlight test engineering and associated technical services01/05/1601/05/21Reimbursable—–AFRC
Virgin OrbitProvide Hyperthermal Testing for Virgin Orbit06/09/1706/09/18Reimbursable—–MSFC
Virgin OrbitExchange of Technical Expertise for commercial space transportation06/09/1706/09/22Reimbursable—–MSFC
Virgin AmericaNonreimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement between the NASA, Ames Research Center and Virgin America, Inc. for Technical Collaboration and Research in Aeronautics02/24/1602/24/21Non-Reimbursable$1,000.00ARC


Moon Express Space Act Agreements with NASA
Reimbursable Space Act Agreement between the NASA, Ames Research Center and Moon Express for Model-based Spaceflight Software Development10/07/1410/07/18Reimbursable—–ARC
Lunar CATALYST Partnership with Moon Express09/30/1409/29/17Non-Reimbursable$10,000,000.00HQ
Annex No.2 under George C. Marshall RSAA Umbrella No. SAA8-131474404/30/1509/24/17Reimbursable—–KSC
Moon Express Hardware and Testing Support07/11/1307/11/18Reimbursable—–MSFC


NanoRacks Space Act Agreements with NASA
Reimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement Between Nanoracks LLC and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, AMES Reseach Center for Promoting ISS Utilization04/24/1304/24/18Reimbursable—–ARC
Low-Earth Orbit Commercial Services Development05/16/1605/16/21Non-Reimbursable$19,698.00JSC
Operation of the NanoRacks system aboard the International Space Station07/08/1407/07/19Non-Reimbursable$97,968.00JSC


NASA Space Act Agreements
Ad Astra Rocket CompanyVASIMR Engine Payload Safety and Reliability Support12/16/1312/16/18Non-Reimbursable—–JSC
Astrobotic Technology, IncLunar CATALYST Partnership with Astrobotic09/30/1409/29/17Non-Reimbursable$10,000,000.00HQ
Axiom Space, LLCLow-Earth orbit commercial development08/24/1608/24/21Non-Reimbursable$270,725.00JSC
Bigelow AerospaceExpandable Space Structures Safety Process07/24/1407/24/19Reimbursable—–JSC
Busek Company IncAnnouncement of Collaborative Opportunity solicitation, (ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: NNH15ZOA001K) “Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Emerging Space Technology System Capabilities.”03/21/1603/21/19Non-Reimbursable$749,276.00GRC
Busek Co. Inc.Busek 5N BGT-5 AF-M315E Green Monopropellant Thruster Hot-Fire Testing06/27/1606/27/18Non-Reimbursable$246,841.00MSFC
Dynetics CorporationSmall, Affordable, High Performance Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Development07/19/1607/16/18Non-Reimbursable$480,812.00MSFC
Exos Aerospace Systems & TechnologiesDevelopment plan for use of NASA tuned-damper on the EXOS launch vehicle05/01/1705/01/18Non-Reimbursable$78,467.00LaRC
Garvey Spacecraft CorporationEnhancement of NANOSAT Launch Vehicle Booster Main Engine04/13/1604/13/18Non-Reimbursable$626,137.00MSFC
Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.GOLauncher 1 Launch Envelope Clearance04/25/1604/25/18Non-Reimbursable$1,616,261.00AFRC
Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.Advanced Design and Manufacture of Cryogenic Propellant Tanks02/05/1602/05/18Non-Reimbursable$1,508,748.00LaRC
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.Testing of a Comet Regolith Sampling System for Honeybee Robotics, Inc.12/16/1612/16/17Reimbursable—–GRC
Intuitive Machines, LLCCollaboration on the terrestrial return vehicle02/25/1502/25/18Non-Reimbursable$1,467,969.00JSC
Made In Space, Inc.NASA-STD-6001B materials and compnents testing07/30/1507/30/20Reimbursable—–WSTF
Masten Space Systems, Inc.Lunar CATALYST Partnership with Masten09/30/1409/29/17Non-Reimbursable$10,000,000.00HQ
Millennium Space Systems, Inc.To provide support and consultation for the implementation of the exclusively licensed Demiseable Integrated Reaction Wheel Assembly (DIRWA)11/13/1511/12/17Reimbursable
Moog, Inc.COMPASS Study of OMV Concepts for Moog, Inc.10/24/1610/24/17Non-Reimbursable$49,194.00GRC
Moog Inc.Moog Inc. Umbrella Agreement with NASA Glenn04/01/1504/01/20Reimbursable—–GRC
Moog, Inc.Fully Reimbursable SAA between NASA KSC and Moog Inc. In-Space Propulsion for Propellants Services12/19/1212/19/17Reimbursable—–KSC
New Mexico Spaceport AuthorityAnnex One to the Nonreimbursable Space Act Agreement between New Mexico Spaceport Authority, a State Agency of the State of New Mexico and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ames Research Center for Payload Development and Operations for the Spaceport America01/15/1301/10/18Non-Reimbursable—–ARC
Relativity Space, Inc.Reimbursable Space Act Umbrella Agreement Relativity Space Incorporated Aeon 1 Launch Systems Development08/23/1608/23/20Reimbursable—–SSC
Relativity Space, Inc.Annex One Relativity Space Aeon 1 Engine Start Test Project08/23/1608/23/17Reimbursable—–SSC
Space Tango, Inc.New Operation of the TangoLab-1 and Future Platforms Aboard the International Space Station National Laboratory06/01/1705/31/22Non-Reimbursable$83,852.00JSC
Spire Global, Inc.Annex to Radio Occultation Instrument Support12/14/1601/30/18Reimbursable—–JPL
Spire Global, Inc.Radio Occultation Instrument Support12/14/1612/14/21Reimbursable—–JPL
State of New MexicoNon-reimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement between The State of New Mexico and NASA, Ames Research Center for Space Exploration; Space Research; and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Initiatives01/15/1301/15/18Non-Reimbursable—–ARC
Techshot, Inc.Techshot’s ISS Research Suite of Hardware06/23/1506/22/20Non-Reimbursable$98,816.00JSC
Techshot, Inc.Techshot ISS Environmental Testing02/05/1302/05/18Reimbursable—–MSFC
Terminal Velocity Aerospace, LLCNonreimbursable Space Act Agreement Between Terminal Velocity Aerospace, LLC and The National Aeronautics And Space Administration, Ames Research Center for Evaluation, Test and Transfer of Conformal and Flexible Ablative Thermal Protection Materials for Use in Terminal Velocity Aerospace’s Re-Entry Devices08/09/1308/09/18Non-Reimbursable—–ARC
Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc.Radio Occultation Instrument Support06/28/1512/31/17Reimbursable—–JPL
Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc.Tyvak Nano Launcher Avionics Sounding Rocket Flight03/06/1703/06/18Reimbursable—–WFF