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DiCaprio Plans TV Reboot of The Right Stuff

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 26, 2017
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Mercury astronauts

Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming with National Geographic for a reboot of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff.

The cabler is teaming with the actor’s Appian Way Productions banner and Warner Horizon Scripted Television to develop a scripted adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s best-seller The Right Stuff, with the goal of having a multiple-season drama series.

Will Staples will pen the script and executive produce the project that is set in 1958 and explores astronauts and their families as they move from the Mojave Desert to the edges of space, tracking their instant celebrity and, at some point in subsequent seasons, the moon landing.

DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson of Appian Way will exec produce alongside Staples and Michael Hampton, who shepherded the drama. The potential series will use Wolfe’s book as a starting point.

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4 responses to “DiCaprio Plans TV Reboot of The Right Stuff”

  1. windbourne says:

    Decaprio is a fool.
    He runs around pushing AGW (GREAT), but ignores those that can make a decision (CONgress critters) while pushing it with his fans who are already backing changes.
    IOW, he is preaching to the choir.

    • duheagle says:

      There’s also the fact that Leo’s personal lifestyle generates more carbon emissions in a year than several entire 3rd-world countries.

      But unless he can, say, get Margot Robbie to play Rene Carpenter, Dicaprio shouldn’t go anywhere near The Right Stuff. The only way a remake would make any sense is as a mini-series, not a theatrical film. Based on track record, the two men best equipped to do said mini-series are Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.

  2. Bulldog says:

    Let’s hope they find it in their hearts to treat Gus more kindly in their reboot while remaining historically correct.

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