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Zero Gravity Solutions Reports Positive Results on ISS Broccoli Experiment

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 19, 2017
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Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI) reports that broccoli grown aboard the International Space Station (ISS) that was treated with ts BAM-FX micro-nutrient product grew larger than a control group without it.

In the 26-day experiment, the broccoli was grown in agarose media treated with BAM-FX, which is a patented precision zinc and copper micro-nutrient formulation.

“The results of the first experiment on the ISS using BAM-FX enables us to further explore the applications of BAM-FX for better plant growth and zinc bio fortification in Space while we continue to conduct field trials here on Earth to benefit world agriculture,”said Harvey Kaye, who is chairman of ZGSI’s board.

The study was led by two plant stress physiologists, Dr. John Freeman of Intrinsyx Technologies Corporation (ITC) and Dr. David Bubenheim of NASA Ames’ Biospheric Science Branch.

“Because zinc is so important for helping plants cope with environmental stress responses and copper is required for efficient photosynthesis, we hypothesize that BAM-FX may be a unique solution for helping plants grow better in space based advanced life support systems and useful for bio-fortifying crops with added zinc, which is a human immune system boosting element,” Freeman said.

Students at Valley Christian High School of San Jose, Calif., helped to analyze the results of the experiment. NanoRacks and V3PO also participated in the program.

A second experiment involving broccoli seedlings arrived at the space station aboard SpaceX’s Dragon CRS-11 spacecraft on June 5.

The experiment “incorporates hardware designed by the team of Valley Christian High School students, contains dried filter paper impregnated with a plant growth solution, with and without BAM-FX, to which broccoli seeds were affixed,” ZGSI said.

“These filters were rehydrated on command once safely in orbit on the ISS. A small camera included in the hardware units will monitor seedling growth. Continued positive results with BAM-FX may lead to further on orbit experiments,” the company added.

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  1. Terry Stetler says:

    Great! Now, can they engineer out the “exhaust gases” from eating the stuff? Or will that require a new ECLSS module? ?

  2. duheagle says:

    In other news, former President George H.W. Bush expressed “shock and horror at this unprovoked act of terrorism in space.”

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