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NASA Releases Solicitation for Partnerships on Tipping Point Technologies

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
August 11, 2016
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NASA LOGOUtilizing Public-Private Partnerships To Advance Tipping Point Technologies

Executive Summary

This NASA Research Announcement (NRA), entitled “Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion-2016 (SpaceTech-REDDI-2016)” is NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate’s (STMD) annual umbrella solicitation. The following STMD programs will be included in the solicitation:

  • NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC),
  • Space Technology Research Grants (STRG),
  • Game Changing Development (GCD),
  • Small Spacecraft Technology (SST),
  • Technology Demonstration Missions (TDM) and
  • Flight Opportunities Program (FOP).

The Space Technology portfolio supports a combination of early stage studies, for assessing the feasibility of entirely new technologies (which corresponds to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) range from 1 to 3); maturing feasible technologies through rapid competitive development and ground based testing (TRL 3-5); and flight demonstrations in a relevant environment to complete the final step to mission infusion (TRL 5-7) (Attachment 2 “Technology Readiness Level Descriptions”). This technological diversity results in a sustainable pipeline of revolutionary concepts. STMD seeks aggressive technology development efforts that may require undertaking significant technical challenges and risk to achieve a higher potential payoff.

The focus of this solicitation is to bring the best ideas and talents from all sectors of the
aerospace enterprise to solve future technology needs while maximizing the value of the Nation’s investment. Investing in space technology invests in the future of NASA, the U.S. space program, and the Nation.

To the greatest extent practicable, participation will be open to all categories of organizations, domestic and foreign, including industry, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, NASA centers, and other Government agencies. Foreign entities may also partner with U.S. offerors, but only without an exchange of funding.

Proposals for technology research, development and demonstration in support of STMD will be solicited through Appendices under this umbrella solicitation as technology topics are defined and funding is made available for new opportunities. For informational purposes, we have included the Appendix target release dates on page 6. The Appendices will provide key information including: specific scope of the work solicited, anticipated budget for new awards, number of awards anticipated, notice of intent and proposal due dates, and specific instructions about proposal content and evaluation criteria. The provisions in any Appendix will apply to that specific opportunity and will supersede any conflicting provisions in this umbrella solicitation or in the NASA Guidebook for Proposers (see Section 9.0 in this solicitation).

It is possible that additional information will become available or programmatic changes may affect this umbrella solicitation or any of the opportunities offered under its Appendices prior to a proposal submission deadline. If so, such information will be added as a formal amendment to this umbrella solicitation and posted on the following webpage: Clarifications or questions and answers that are published will also be posted on this website or included in an amendment. It is each prospective offeror’s responsibility to check this webpage for updates concerning the programs of interest.

We enthusiastically look forward to your participation in STMD’s many upcoming opportunities.

Steve Jurczyk
Associate Administrator
Space Technology Mission Directorate