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OneWeb Hires Airbus Veteran as CEO

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 28, 2016
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OneWeb constellation. (Credit: Airbus Defence & Space)

OneWeb constellation. (Credit: Airbus Defence & Space)

LONDON, 26 July 2016 (OneWeb PR) — OneWeb which is building a new global communications system to create affordable broadband services for all, announces the appointment of Eric Beranger as Chief Executive Officer.

At Airbus Defence & Space, Eric has led the technical and operational relationship with OneWeb, overseeing the formation of and presiding on the Board of the satellite manufacturing joint venture. The joint venture, named OneWeb Satellites, is building the world’s purpose built first high volume satellite manufacturing facility and producing 900 satellites as the basis of the OneWeb constellation. OneWeb Satellites will also be producing similar sized production satellites for third party operators.

Mr. Beranger, was previously the CEO of Astrium Services from 2003-2012, a 1.5b Euro turnover commercial satellite services company. He then became CEO of Astrium Satellites until its combining with Cassidian Systems to become Airbus Defence & Space where he has remained in the management team until today. At OneWeb, Mr. Beranger will be replacing Matt O’Connell who will be leaving the company.

“Eric’s background in satellite production, telecommunications and project finance touches on three major operational focus points of OneWeb”, said Greg Wyler, Executive Chairman and Founder of OneWeb “he has been working closely with OneWeb since before the Airbus investment and we are grateful to Airbus for letting one of their senior staff make the transition.”

OneWeb’s mission binds people from diverse disciplines to build a unique and important global infrastructure. Ranging from semiconductor design and digital manufacturing engineers to those focused on emerging market education requirements, there are over five hundred engineers working on the system across OneWeb, its investors and suppliers, the talent attracted to the project has been extraordinary.

“Our industry is in a major transformation as we evolve satellites from their niche role in telecommunications systems to further affecting everyday life” said Eric Beranger, CEO “Having been watching and working closely with OneWeb for nearly two years and seeing how much this company is leading the change in transformation, I am now very excited to join the team and bring my experience to help make it happen.”