RSC Energia Looks Back on Successful 2015

Energia_logoMOSCOW (RSC Energia PR) — Yesterday, December 29, the management of RSC Energia in a meeting with employees summed up the results of the company performance in 2015, reported on the key performance figures and presented preliminary plans for 2016.

The Corporation president Vladimir Solntsev presented in his speech the final financial and economic figures, spoke in detail about the core business of the company – development of rocket and space technology, touched upon social policies and outlined the company development vectors in the incoming year of 2016.

“This year the schedule was fairly aggressive, but in many areas we have impressive results. Talking about key financial and economic indicators, in 2015 the revenue has grown by 62% as compared with 2014. In 2015 revenues from sales was 39.9 billion rubles [$513.2 million]. These are very good figures”, – said V. Solntsev.

He specified that within the revenue mix 79% of the total fall to the manned program. At that, the share of work on unmanned spacecraft was 12%, on launch vehicles it was 4%, and in other areas of activities it was 5%.

According to V.Solntsev, there are plans for 2016 to actively introduce to the manufacturing the so-called “lean manufacturing” technologies, as well as to expand the application of additive technologies using printers for 3D printing.

“We must mark the incoming year of 2016 with the introduction of “lean manufacturing” technologies. We will start active work on this in 2016. Time has shown that in the countries where these technologies were introduced, very good results were achieved”, – pointed out the Corporation president.

He wished the RSC Energia management and staff a happy New Year, thanked everybody for professionalism and dedication to the cause, presented letters of commendation to the employees who distinguished themselves in 2015.

“Be in good health and be proud of the fact that we create new vehicles, that we are one of the leaders in the world rocket and space industry. Let us preserve all this and add to it, and work efficiently. In the New Year I wish everybody good spirits, family celebrations and more causes for joy”, – said V. Solntsev in his congratulatory address.

Reports on the results of their departments were also delivered by the general designer of manned space systems Sergei Romanov, general designer of advanced space systems Nikolai Brukhanov, general designer of unmanned space systems Igor Frolov, general designer of launch vehicles Igor Radugin, vice president for financial and economic activities Pavel Vinokurov, vice president for personnel and social policies Mikhail Komarov and other senior managers.

According to the heads of the departments, in 2015 the international commitments to deliver to the ISS and return to Earth crews and cargo onboard Soyuz TMA-M, Progress M-M and Progress MS transportation spacecraft were fully met.

Under the ISS program there were 9 launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome – 5 launches of Progress cargo spacecraft and 4 launches of Soyuz manned spacecraft, and support was provided for the landings of crews of 4 Soyuz spacecraft.

Work is under way to develop new modules for the ISS (MLM, Node Module, SPM), upgraded transportation spacecraft of a new series Soyuz MS and Progress MS, as well as the new-generation crew transportation spacecraft (CTS).

In the outgoing year, there were successful launches of the first specialized unmanned spacecraft of the new generation based on a satellite bus developed and manufactured at RSC Energia and of the upper stage Block DM-03 carrying spacecraft Express-AM8.

Joint Stock Company RSC Energia is the leader in the rocket and space industry, and the prime contractor for manned space systems. The Corporation conducts work on the development of unmanned space and rocket systems (launch vehicles and orbital transfer vehicles), and high-technology systems for various non-space applications. Since August 2014, the Corporation is headed by Vladimir Solntsev.