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The Federation Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Commercial Space Act

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
November 1, 2015
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CSF_logo2CSF President Eric Stallmer released the following statement calling on Congress to quickly pass H.R. 2262, the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act:

“CSF applauds the House and Senate negotiators for the tremendous work and effort they put into crafting the bipartisan, bicameral U.S Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (H.R. 2262). When the CSLA was updated 11 years ago, Congress codified a regulatory regime that led to an unparalleled level of investment, innovation, and economic growth in the commercial space industry. This new legislation sets the stage for the continued growth and expansion of this industry, while enabling rapid advances in safety.  It incentivizes further investments in innovation and the development of spaceflight capabilities that will benefit all Americans.  For these reasons, and many more, CSF calls on Congress to quickly pass H.R. 2262, the bipartisan bill that will ensure that America remains the leader in space.”

9 responses to “The Federation Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Commercial Space Act”

  1. DTARS says:

    Is it a good act???
    I see the word safety in there. That’s always a scary word?
    Why are they in a hurry for it to pass?? Are they afraid some crap might be added that hurts commercial spaceflight if it doesn’t pass soon?



    Why is it needed in the first place over what we have now??

    • Tom Billings says:

      What we have now leaves investors in the dark as to how their investments will be treated by the US government in the future. While OST *allows* private asteroid mining, it does nothing to structure its legality, so that too many questions remain as companies do their due diligence for investing. Yes, safety can be scary, because lawyers are always looking for a way to sue any newly successful company. Proper legal structure can mitigate the risks of that.

  2. Andrew_M_Swallow says:

    If Congress does not pass the act by January the authors will have to start again.

    Here is the official information about the bill.

    Some of the clauses in previous bills are about to timeout and need renewing. The Department of Transport/FAA will be able to issue regulations and US courts handle disputes. US commercial companies will be permitted to mine asteroids – currently allowed by international treaties but not US law.

    • ThomasLMatula says:

      Actually the International Treaties, specifically the OST, that allow it are part of U.S. law. All treaties ratified by the Senate become part of federal law.

      The ASTERIOD Act simply clarifies U.S. firms have that right and sets of a procedure for doing so. But hopefully it will be passed so firms make start firming up their business models for mining asteroids.

      • Andrew_M_Swallow says:

        From Wikipedia ‘Outer Space Treaty’
        “Article VI
        of the Outer Space Treaty deals with international responsibility,
        stating that “the activities of non-governmental entities in outer
        space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, shall require
        authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party
        to the Treaty” and that States Parties shall bear international
        responsibility for national space activities whether carried out by
        governmental or non-governmental entities.”

        So until authorised by the US Government US firms cannot mine asteroid. A law needs passing to allow the US Government/civil service/President to give such authorisations.

    • Douglas Messier says:

      I don’t think so. The Congress is in session until after elections in November 2016.

  3. Douglas Messier says:

    There’s a House measure and a Senate one that have some significant differences. There have been negotiations, and it’s not clear what compromises have been made.

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